Happy Birthday To ME!!! & RL stuff

Well.. this is quite odd, my last post was on 07-11-2008 and its been three months and 27 days since I have bored you guys with my mundane details of my life.

That WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. I have done alot and not done some things, but I will probabbly have to split this post up into two or three posts.

I have to make a comment in regards to some feedback I got from my last post that practically made me not want to post again.
I have decided for the moment to "hide" this forum/blog supporting wherever I can except on my direct blog.
It was in regards to Erectile Issues, I have them and I am not sorry I make several someones squick factors trigger.

All I have to say about it is, "GROW UP!"

One, I am not making you read this blog, its your choice.
Two, the places I post are either owned by me, or areas where one can be frank and open
Three, I did not harm you by posting and talking about it.

I believe that If it harms no one, then do it, and that you should protect the weak from the strong. (from Lazlo Zalezac's stories John Carter and Ed Biggers
http://storiesonline.net/library/author.php?id=2111&type=uni )

This I think is a good guide to life and what you can do.

I also would like to point out another story with a few bits if information "The Facts of Life" from "The Millionaire Next Door" by Lazlo Zalezac

The Facts Of Life

Life is not fair.
No one is exempt from death.
Physics rules the universe and biology rules life.
The universe does not care.
The only constant in life is change.
There is always a choice.
Wishing never makes it so.
A person can't exceed their limits.
A person is responsible for their own happiness.
It is impossible to change the character of another.

I think these are a good guide to fixing your own life and getting along with most people. I have thought about it some and tried to follow both principals to better my life.

I will continue to post FULL updates to my health until you can show me that I have caused actual harm. I will consider your points even if you can't show harm but please don't try to change me. If there is change that needs to be doing I am the one that has to do it.

I will give a concession, and Hide the issue about my erectile problems.

Back to the good stuff!!!!

Alot has happened Since my last post so we will start with the medical.

I as of this moment typing weigh 318.7 LBS which is 62lbs down from where I was, though if i had not eaten at the chineese this week (twice) and did not have a large dinner (and breakfast (leftover cake and steak) I would probabbly be a few pounds lighter.

I am going to list my blood pressure from my doctor visits (I always text msg my step mom Linda with it)
07-24-2008 150/80
08-13-2008 130/80
09-03-2008 130/80
09-04-2008 126/70
09-17-2008 142/90
09-18-2008 136/86
10-16-2008 144/82
10-30-2008 122/80

So there is a downward trend except for in mid September where I ran out of the Spironolactone that I am supposed to take and it went up for a bit.
Overall Its alot better, and I feel better, but since it got cold I have not been walking, though all I need is a good pair of gloves which I will try getting today while I will be at the mall.

I do need to talk to him again since I am getting light headed at times easily, like when I stand up (alot) or go up/down alot of steps my heart started racing and my blood pressure dropped about 5 minutes after I went up and down some steps talking with my dad the other day. So it could be dipping still too much.

I caught a MAJOR COLD / laryngitis (first time I ever had that) and left work on the sat 11th of oct after being there for only 1 hour..
I tell you it was not fun when I could not stand up much and walk around. I could not breath much so what little sleep I got was on my couch.

I did not get back in until 10/20 due to being out 4 days sick and then my off days. My grandfather on my dads side died a few weeks before and since I have the SUV My father wanted to use it to go down to South Carolina and pick some things up and help my Grandmother move out of the home.

So I drove a bit down, and all the way back up, I was not tired too much from the driving but I was still weak and not able to help much with the heavy boxes (had a hard time keeping cool and that lead to heat exhaustion)

But we got back alright and my grandma gave me the clock that was over her mantel because I remember the chimes it makes when I was over, and a old wooden carving/sculpture my aunt gave her (she was going to give it to charity) of a Indian, which I saved for my mom (though I am tempted to keep it for myself).

My father got my grandpa's Air Compressor (which he really wanted) and a dresser with a marble top (one piece was broken) but it was disassembled somewhat and easy to load.

We also got for my Alexis and Nathan the Super Nintendo that was there, it also had a bunch of games. (they are getting it for Xmas)

I also had a MRI to see if my pituitary glands in my brain were working right, and found out, those machines make me claustrophobic.

They tried to get me into the circular one at the hospital but my shoulders touched the sides (the outside doesn't spin) but I could not listen to anything there and it was just too close for me.

My Dr rescheduled a MRI with another company and later that day I got into a "open MRI" which is not really open. I honestly think they just need to make the magnets bigger for more powerful field so they can have more space for people so they don't feel so enclosed.
The head Unit I had to wear almost killed the deal as well... as soon as they got it around me it felt tight (almost touching my nose) but I calmed down and luckily they were able to have a radio on which the blasted FM transmitter worked and was able to distract me enough (along with closing my eyes and not looking @ the small space I was put into).

I have to say any future MRI's I will get will be open ones, just for the simple fact vs the newer ones, I can move around more, my shoulders and middle body can move and I can move to a side and move my hands around alot (which the other one would not allow)

Well the results of the MRI was that there is nothing wrong with my glands and I am now on a cream that i put on my belly/arms that slowly absorbs the testosterone into the blood stream slowly.
Though I wish there was a pill but I understand the cream goes better due to the fact it absorbs slower and the pill would require multiple doses a day or something.. .. Personally I want the pill which would be easier to add to my pill regimen.

Wow, so much data and two more things to bring up, My work "Comcast" had a town hall for the call center the other day and I was able to go (been going to docs the last two times) and learned some good things.
As a market we are doing better then others but not what was expected (due to the economy)
But Comcast is now paying a Differential for people working late into the night.
For my Time I get in I will be getting a $1.00 raise per hour!!!! WOOT WOOT *GO MEM* *GO MEM* *ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY*

Speaking of birthdays, I am turning 28 TODAY!!!!
My Family gets together usually for a dinner and cake and presents. And I was looking forward to a steak dinner at my fathers and seeing my nieces and nephew.

Sadly, My sister Lisa somehow got the dates wrong or something, and had swapped days with someone at her work and could not come. (which means my niece Alexis and Nathan could not come :( ) But my sister Chris was able to come over and I got to spend some time with her and my niece Raven was over (she is so cute but I am not allowed to post photos of them online per there mothers requests)
(Just a FYI Chris and me have for some reason never gotten along, so I see the reversal of them coming to the party as unique)

So we had the Cake and the Ice Cream after dinner *BURP* (it was a very very tender steak and potatoes salad and mixed veggies and mac and cheese (for the kids though I took some)

I got two cards, one from my Grandmother and another from my father which had some money.

Well I did find a present for myself, I was walking around Walmart Looking for some "hunting" gloves so I could control my Phone when doing a walk at night and I came across this.

I have been unsatisfied with the FM Transmitters that I have been using. It usually has bleed over from other stations because there is not enough "open" radio space for it to work, plus it gets popping and hissing alot just because its a low power device.

So I went ahead and bought it as my birthday present from my father and me. And plan to have it installed later today!!!! WOOT!!!!

So alots happened in the last three months and 27 days, but I plan on posting more (I hope) and being responsible for my own happiness and not letting others have that much influence over me.

(stay tuned I will have more up to date soon in a day or so about my RS Fun hopefully tonight)

Slayer Mask, I am Old Man & New Car

Well its been about a month and Its time to update my blog and add all the new stuff...

This past month has been very busy.. especially the last few days..

Three Major things have happened, and I will start off with the Runescape Acomplishments.


*DANCES* I did 35 tasks in a row.. I blocked two monsters, Steel Dragons, I just hate them.. there are not many to kill and I want to power though slayer assignments, and Warped Terrorbirds, NO THANKS!!!!!

I gained 4 Slayer levels.. And i am Sad.. Now my Runecrafting is lower then Slayer :(

I got A Range level, I might want to invest in a Cannon since it seems so much faster (this is one skill that i wont take slow if i decide to power level)

I went up 2 Strength Levels 1 Attack 1 Defence

Also I have to say... I am going to have to try out Aniska0's Cookies, they sound delicious


I got Two Summoning Levels Via Juna

Woot If i wanted to I can teleport for faster nature runecrafting.

And my Proudest Achevement


WOOT, I was just dang lucky to have 3-4 streams for a long time :) but that's alot :)

Now onto the second thing, if you judge a man as being old by having to take alot of medication, then I have arrived and am now a official "Old Man"

I FINALLY went to the docs three weeks ago (from time of posting) and I am glad.. My chances of living past 50 have gone up TREMENDOUSLY.

My mother recommended this doc when she mentioned her legs were no longer swollen and i told her my right one was.

Week # 1

First off, I am very fat, turns out i was at 380lbs just about.

When i went in My Blood Pressure was at 175/110, and i did not realize how bad it was.

The attractive nurses tried to take blood from my arm and that was a failure.. my veins just wont get stuck.
They tried twice there, then on my hand, which got it.

I also did a metabolic test where i sat and breathed though a tube for 10 minutes.

Turns out if i exercise some and with normal daily activity i burn about 4k calories a day.. and they want me eating about 2400 a day to loose weight.

now the doc there was not the one my mother recomended, but i was not going to go back again the next day.

so he put me on tekturna and gave me a 5 week supply (which i need to return the 4 bottles that i have not used)

Week # 2

I go in and my blood pressure has gone down some 148/102, which is a good improvement on the high side and some on the low :)

The Doc is the one my mother recommended and so far I think he is doing a good job. He saw the results from the test and saw that my blood sugar was normal for someone who had fasted (I sleep usually till 2pm and the appts are all around 3 pm) so I had not eaten before going for that first blood test and they could run it as me having fasted.

But my testosterone levels were WAY TO LOW for a man my age.. maybe 50's but not 27...

So he had me come in that next day and fast to have my insulin checked. (which was July 3rd)

The doc puts me on Tekturna with a water pill and Tricor and Niaspan to lower my cholesterol (which i believe will do another blood draw for later) Also he prescribed a shampoo (which i have not gotten yet because its to popular its rare) and a cream for my psoriasis on my legs.

So now i am pissing alot more.... :/

Week # 3

I go in and my Blood Pressure is now @ 150/86 which is a HUGE decrease on the resting side, and not much change on the other.. The water pills have helped ALOT.

I also have lost 10lbs!!!!!

I also get the results back from the test, my insulin is WAY TO HIGH, so he thinks we can combat the insulin and that in turn will help the testosterone go back up. (this is a Major relief since its supposed to give me more energy and *ahem* Between the sheets functions will work alot better then current.

He also wants me working out alot more.. walking 7 hours a week (1 hour a day)

And he wants me on a Diet pill.

So We have added some medication, Metformin to fight the insulin and raise testosterone, and Phentermine to block hunger cravings. (Phentermine is the main ingredient in Phen Phen)

So I have to say, I think it helped since i was at the Chinese place and was not very hungry at all today... But that could have been the third thing...

Lately my car has been having overheating problems.. driving to and from work (18 miles total abouts) its not affected.

But driving in the scorching afternoon sun @ 2-3 causes the radiator to overheat, and I think the reservoir got super heated steam/water and melted a hole.. or a hose is leaking on the bottom.

So traveling like 30 miles to the doc and 30 back has overheated the engine twice, (stopped before anything happened and let it cool and added water) but the leaks the cause.. it seems to fail more when its very hot.

So, today my dad calls me when i am near asleep and tells me he is bringing a car over for me to look at.

It turns out his work (sprint) is selling a 2006 Ford Escape, with 61k Miles and Warranty on it still!!!!

There asking price, 8300, and my father said after driving it down that he wishes he enver told me about it cause he wants it.

It has power locks windows mirrors WORKING AC (in the 11 years I have been driving I have NEVER HAD WORKING AC) along with a remote for locking/unlocking.

Since it was used by a phone company it has one of those metal grids behind to hang things on and keep boxes from flying up and hitting the driver. (IamJosh got the naughty thought in a private chat quickly even though Aniska0 was there as well)

Sadly its not a Hybrid but it does get 17-23 mpg (what I averaged with the Honda when I was not being cautious so this is not that bad, but for almost 20 years of new technology I expected better.

So I went with my step mom to a credit union that she knows, we signed up, got accepted. (got to take in my latest pay stub for them tommorow/today) and the check will go out tommorow/today. And hopefully by next Wednesday at the latest tommorow/today at the earliest, I will have a new SUV!!!!!!


So thats the long update for today.. I want to start posting more about weight and blood pressure so I can be more motivated.

Thanks for reading :)

Even Flava Flav does not like the RIAA?

Found this on Cnet Forums And thought it might be funny to post here

Flava Flav says:

Hit me
Going, going, gone
Now I ditched RIAA a long time ago
Don't you see how late they're reactin'
They only come and they come when they wanna
So get the lawyer, bankrupt the goner
They don't care 'cause they stay paid anyway
They treat ya like an criminal they can't be betrayed
I know you stumble with fair use policy
If your file is on the net then you're sued today
Late letters from the ambulance chasers
That's extortion in disguise y'all betcha
I call 'em gold diggers quick they come to fetch ya
With paid off jury just to bankrupt ya
They are the kings 'cause they swing legislation
Lose your house, your car to them it's compensation
I can prove it to you watch the rotation
It all adds up to a funky situation
So get up get, get get down
RIAA is a joke in yo town
Get up, get, get, get down
Bullsh*t RIAA wears the crap crown

RIAA is a joke

Everyday they don't never come correct
You can ask my man right here with the bouncin' check
He's a witness to the bullsh*t in action
He would've been in full in 8 RIAA
Was a joke 'cause they always pokin'
They the broom in your spokes when your rollin’
They need to be a public defender
RIAA is a joke we don't want 'em
I burn my discs and save ‘em on my system
The lawyers huddle up and call a flea flicker
The reason that I say that 'cause they
Pick you off like fleas
They be laughin' at ya while you're crawlin' on your knees
And to the strength so go the length
Thinkin' you are legal when you backup your own songs
You better wake up and smell the real flavor
Cause RIAA is an extortionist organization

So get up, get, get get down
RIAA is a joke in yo town
Get up, get, get, get down
Bullsh*t RIAA wears the crap crown

Ow, ow RIAA is a joke

The Empty Cage

Folks, I am sad to say, one of my ferrets is gone (John). I found him today on the bottom of the cage (he had been sleeping and running around there for a few weeks) he was thin as a rail, I thought he was just sick and i took him out made sure he got water (he was super thirsty)...

But he did not look good at all so i rushed him over to the clinic, where i got the bad news, he was dieing of cancer (which happens alot for ferrets) and being 6 years old there was not much chance and i could not afford to try.

So he was put down about 4:30 this afternoon. (its weird, i was not that emotional.. but its just hit me hard writing this )

Some of the few pictures i have of him

Johns on the Right here.

Johns in the bed here.

I recived John from my Aunt Casey, he was my Cousins but his partner was mauled.

He traveled from North Carolina to Tennessee to be with me for about two years.

I loved how he would always lick my arm or chest or face since he loved salt.

Now... I grieve and hope Harvey is not hit too hard with his partner going.

John was named after John Crichton from the Farscape series (like Harvey is)

John and Harvey's new Cage

John and Harvey Moved in

Forums Back & 99 cooking b2p & new toys!!!

WELCOME BACK, I don't know who it was but from what is said one of the former Tip.it Admin's decided to give us a Goodbye present and killed the forums...

I hope Karma pays you back man.


Anyways, I have not been lazy and I got ANOTHER lvl 99!!!!


Buying My Skillcape

I also had some Fun selling all the sharks and buying a BANDOS GODSWORD AND DRAGONFIRE SHIELD

I also did the Quest Smoking Kills.. which was quite fun

I got a few things from the Slayer tasks so far!!!!!

WOOT WOOT (though this was anti climatic since the part wont sell by itself and the shield itself only made me about 50k :( )

I also got 85 STR and 69 (sexy) Slayer

I got Bones to peaches, which I will say now, THE MAGE TRAINING AREANA IN AL KAHDRID IS THE WORST PLACE EVER.
The tasks were mind numbing "grinding" and nothing could have been fun about it.

I celebrate the WIMPER that the hat gave as it was destroyed


I also figured out how to do the Skillcapes as eggs and here you go :)

Also while I was at the jellies I got asked a Silly Question, so here is my "Silly Text Silly Response Segment"

Done updating?

Well I finshed the MAJOR updates to the articles in the past....
It considered of removing
![CDATA[ and ]] from the beginning and end of each post (and if a post did not have the second part it messed up wordpress )

Also changing every
to a carriage return

Also for all the imaged i had to remove all of these
a href="javascript:openpopup('http://www.mementh.com/pictures/blogpics/RS_Levels_For_Blog/82%20strength.png',800,600,false);"

Now to fix the commas that got messed up (i may leave it for a while)

I am looking for a BBcode addon that will let me use BBcode (used on forums i visit) in posts (edit: Found and installed)

What next? Posting my 99 Cooking lvl party. (will do this in a bit)

New Blog Engine (wordpress)

Well I am Moving to a new blog engine, WordPress, All my Prior Posts will be moved over (SImple PHP Blog does not have easy options to import)

So I will be Busy working on the new posts as I go along. (updating oldest post to newest)

99 Cooking Party in 32 Minutes :)