My Runescape Goals

(this was posted in the *edit* removed, can't tell you where or else i will have to kill you)

Well, I decided to join in here.. and post about my Goals

Currently I am working on getting 1800 skill total..
I am currently 1798 total...
I plan on getting a fishing lvl (only about 248ish sharks left)

And then fishing more till i have 2157 sharks (got about 1400 in the bank now)

And i will lvl 92 cooking when I got 1800 total

thats Half way to 99.. the most in any skill I have to date!!!!!

A few other goals after that

78 herblore (got the herbs and most of the secondaries , waiting on hugh manity to get me some vials Smile )
(gonna try and push to 81 this year)

71-80 agility (I think I'll spend time at the new agility place thats supposed to come out)

65 thieving for spice stall Smile

84 crafting (I need a BLEEP TON of seaweed to do this one) (And i will possably push to get 90 this year)

80 Firemaking for magic pyre logs

76 Construction (So i can put my Big Shark on the wall)

This is about 8-10 months worth of work in some cases

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