Mementh Joins the 1800 total SKill Club in RUNESCAPE!!

Yes I have no life! I had gotten two genie lamps and gotten just to the point of getting the lvl 92 cooking..

I went up to the lvl 51 wild Volcano :)

I invited Kiwi_Pearls and Jaklumen.. then Laikrob and Norman_Biggs came up :)
link*edit* all pics can be found at this link

Then we went to the Bridge and we all lined up for a photo

Wish # 1

Wish # 2

*^~^! LEVEL ~^~^*

After that we decided to play follow the leader (while trying to find the chaos elemental

Lakirob lead the way.

Norma got herself skulled

Following the leader PC version

We Found the Chaos Elemental

Jak Died First

I buried his bones


then the rest of us


(ohh well i will just have to get another one made)

I decided to give everyone 50 sharks for good luck and thanks for coming out :)

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