New Runescape Goals.

Well i came up with some New Runescape Goals which I posted to XXX Hmm.. ohh well consider it a unknown page/place

I decided to make myself a mini goal... By lvl 1812 i will be able to mine rune

Thats only 12 levels away!!!!! But i have to fill in 5 lvls (its 7 lvls till i get to rune)

So i am thinking of getting some combo of these skills
71-75 Agility (420 laps around agility pyramid)(Sorry but, thats a interesting number to pop up)

62-67 Thieving (2964 Thieves in rouges den safes, or 830 thives from blood chest)

76 Runecrafting

84 Crafting

77 Firemaking (possible I have the oak logs, but it would be a pain to burn 10k oak logs)

62 Slayer?

78 Farming

62-66 Construction (only need 359 Oak planks which i have, and i can get more :) only need 3066 total to get 66 construction )

The reason I chose 1812.. is due to one of my FAVORITE TV SHOWS

There was a small maintainnce robot that the main character owned called DRD 1812 (after the music)

Aint He the Cutest

Wish me luck

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