Dream for tonight

I Have not done much in runescape (just tired and busy with a few other things)

But i had a dream last night. I was at my mothers.. i had some sort of Indian necklace on. I was dressing. I went into the other bedroom. There was the cats (my cat rascal and another cat?) And they had killed a mouse.

Then i look outside. My moms blue tent and canvas chair was setup. There was woods a distance to one side but a large field on the other.

There was a storm coming.. Not a violent one.. but it feels like one of change.. it was going to come though and cause some trouble but not alot.

We could see the wall of water that was the leading edge of the rain.

I went into the minivan to talk to my mom and then i was going back into the house but my mom asked my sisters to get something to eat from the house.

Then i woke up

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