85 MOTHER %&#%*#% MINING!!!

Well i did it.. I had been waiting this weekend for Hugh_Manity and Norman_Biggs to get on...

But they had not gotten on all freaking weekend... :(

So i set a time limit this sunday @ 7pm if they had not i would take those that wanted on my lvl trip....

My plan was to go to wild rune rocks.. use a lamp to lvl with and mine the rocks :)

well i waited and waited and just about 6:30 Hugh_Manity got on finally :)

We had to wait for knittinqueen to get her quest done so we stood around "EVIL DAVES MOTHERS HOUSE"

Baerht had to leave before we were able to do it.

We got to wild and i got my level.
Which we rang into a new era for me :)


I had wanted to do a trawler but there was not enough people :(

You can see all my mining lvl pics here

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