The Secret code is….09:F9….

Ohh Lookie i discovered something I had forgotten?!?!?!?!

I know i have been lax about blogging.. its just been busy @ work and all the shit that happens..

Well whats been going on..?

We had the DIGG HD-DVD ACSS Fiasco. Which in my opinion just shows that the high muckity mucks don't realize two things... If you want to keep it secret.. DO NOT POINT AT THE PERSON THAT KNOWS THE SECRET... and two DRM in any form is not ever going to work... it will ALWAYS be broken eventually... and it does not help the market.

I have been DIGGING on alot.
you can view my profile there

I really liked the "The Top 15 Han Solo Quotes You Need to Use in Regular Conversation" post.. it gave funny examples

And in case your thinking that
Remember how long I have NOT posted.

I also have found this CUTE website
I wish My cat Rascal could get in...
devil cat

Night all :)

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