Fairy Ring codes in runescape

Well i play a game called runescape (as if you did not know)
and there are Fairy Rings (similar to Stargate)
and these are the codes for all of them to date...

DLS Canpub
CKS Canmush
BKR MortSwmp
BIQ Bedabin
DLQ DsrtUzer

DKR Edgevill
DIS WizTower
AIQ Mudskipp
BLP TzHaar
DKP BrimNrth
CKR ShiloVil

CIP Miscella
AJR SlyrCave
CJR Sinclair
DJR MansinNW
ALS McGrubor
BLR Legends
DJP Necroman
CIQ GnomMaze
CLS Yan2west
BKP FeldipW
AKS FeldipSE

AKQ Woodlands
AKS Jungle
DKS Snow
DLQ Desert
DLS Swamp
CKR Karmaja

ALR Abyss
DIR Gorak
BKQ EcahnVal
CKP Starflwr
BJR Grail
AJS Penguin Island (level 2 Penguins)
BIS Unicorn Pen Ardougne Zoo

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