For the want of $20 BEST BUY lost a customer

Ok here is the story.. On Labor Day Mon the 2nd of September 2007, I went over to best buy to buy a new LCD Monitor.
I had been looking during the week before because I had swapped out my Ipod.. (I had bought the extended warrenty back in oct 05).
I unfortunatly had been late.. the sale ended on a SUNDAY..

BUT BUT BUT.. I found a Monitor for sale for $119 which was a OPEN BOX ITEM.

I checked with the person at the Custoemr service desk and they said they would honor the warrenty still (3 year warrenty)
I bought it.. got it home and ALAS.. a bad pixel.. It would work good except when you wanted a DARK color it would go between blue and red.
SO I figure.. i can just take it back since BEST BUY sold a open box item.. not a DAMAGED item.. they would just swap it out...
Well I went in and talked with "Paul" who was going to honor this and just swap it out......

But they did not have any more.. they were sold out.. *sigh* i took the monitor back and got the location for the Mount Juliet TN store (I was at the Hickory Hollow Antioch TN store)
I drove over and found a parking spot and took the Monitor in.
I don't remember who the General Manager was that I spoke with.. but she flat out refused to just swap...
They also had a STUPID rep named AJ who said that the VGA plug was MISSING TWO PINS.. DUMB IDIOT its supposed to be missing them... (I know they tried to pull one over on me but As soon as they hooked it up to a monitor to test for the bad pixel the picture was FINE except for the ONE BAD PIXEL)
She wanted to give me my money for the monitor and then have me BUY another but only give me 10% off... (btw the monitor had been on sale @ the other store but she claimed that monitor had not been on sale since Febuary..)


I argued that I wanted them to HONOR THE WARRENTY.. which would have been just a SWAP ... They said that the warrenty required so many pixels to be bad in a square inch.
We pulled that warrenty info card and it had *NOTHING* stating such a deal..
They told me about how it would cost me $34.XX if they shipped it off and the manufactuer said that they were not at fault. (this would be for shipping (logically I think.. if they charge for shipping but they fix it.. is it not a manufactuing defect?))

I then got "Paul" on the line and he said he was going to just swap it out.. I then let him talk to the General Manager.. but he backed down on that.. (way to go "Paul")

I left with my money.. drove across the parking lot and saw a STAPLES, And I thought I would drop in.



I talked with a "Trinady" in the photocopy area.. and he got the monitor for me and when I mentioned how BEST BUY lost a customer the subject of the sale came up..

HE HONORED THE BEST BUY *SALE* PRICE so I paid $152.93 for the monitor.. Which I am using right now to post this blog post..

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