Subtweet :(

Feel sad .. Friend I follow got a massive rt.. Wish I could rt it but there is a person I can't follow and they are totally muted to
My lists. I want to follow and rt them but because I would rt them a lot and in "bursts" of 5-10 at a time I overloaded there l
notifications. If they would unblock me so I could unblock them I would rt things. But... Sigh
It's not like the person does not have thousands of followers rting them... I am always going to say,
if you don't want it retweeted it is not something to tweet at all then!
You are responsible for what you tweet!

There is no real delete tweet button ! Tweet with that in mind and tweet what you mean!

So for the person that for the rt congratz... But I won't rt something that contains that person in a tweet because I will never normally see it!

I am not saying for that person to not put the name in the tweet... It would harm others for me to ( see rules on profile)

I just feel hurt every time I find a tweet I would love to rt but can't because of things I might have done and that it's misunderstood or that a person did not realize how public twitter is.

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