The Search for a Link.

Ling headed to Brill at a good pace, keeping the Felsteed at a good pace she rode.
The Steed did not tire as she expected a normal horse to, she knew it was because the steed was also a demon.

After reaching Brill she talk to the Zeplin Ticket seller Zapetta and booked passage for her and the FelSteed to Orgrimmar.

Ling passed her time on the Zeplins journey by reading more about demons and what warlocks did to them, some bargained with them, some enslaved. The ritual was a binding, the demon was enslaved and bound to the warlock. The chapters she read told her about how a warlock should go about preparing to bind and what control they would have over the demon. It often mentioned how a demon would do things that it would have objected to.

Ling laying in her bed on the Zeplin, a small storm brewing outside, "I can't bind them to me, it will take away there freedom."
"Maybe I can see about releasing them after binding?" Ling asked, frustrated she could not get see a way out.

Ling poured over the books and found a entry, a powerful demon and powerful warlock long ago had come to a agreement, the demon had not wanted to be bound, to have its free will taken away.
"The demon gave the Warlock instructions on making a staff to link the demons to the Warlock, this would allow a partnership, but no dominance from either side." Ling read anxiously.
Ling copied as she read, "This procedure is simpler to setup then a binding, it requires much less energy to setup, but it has a downside. The Warlock has a greater drain on the Fel energy they can produce, a normal binding would use two to three times less energy."
"Please tell me they left the instructions for the staff in here" Ling begged
"There" She cried out.

The staff of the left hand path:

Tenebrous Orb, for focusing the energies
Ghostly Essence x 5 for enchantment ( Note: this can be any essence from animal to former living beings"

Ling spend the rest of the trip in furious study, learning each part of the spell and testing if she can link with them propperly.

Finding herself ready as the Zeplin docked, she checked her bags and made sure everything was inside, she disembarked and lead the Felsteed to the elevator. Asking a Guard where the Bazaar was and following his directions she headed through the Tauren area to the common bazaar AKA "The Drag" as the Guard told informed her.

Finding herself a bit lost she wandered hoping to find someone to ask, and then she saw a little boy sitting and crying and approached him.
"Hello, Are you ok?" She asked as she sat down.

The kid looked at her, " I lost my balloons my father got me from the Dark Moon Fair, I was going to take them to my friend. I got knocked around and they slipped and a breeze blew them around the drag"

"Well if they are anything like the balloons I recall the Darkmoon Caries used to have when I was a kid they should be around here and unharmed" Ling pulled out a hankie and dried the young orcs eyes and teased. "Now what should I call you? Orc boy?"

"Jaga, my name is Jaga." the young orc said as he puffed his chest out trying to look fierce.

Ling giggled and pointed up, seeing a balloon under a tarp.
She quickly helped young Jaga gather all his balloons from the various places they had blown.

"Could you tie them around me?" Jaga asked after they had found them all. " My friends up on the cliffs and I want to surprise him!"

"Of course" Ling went about securing the balloons into a harness, " Would you happen to know where the Cleft of Shadows is, I am looking for the Warlock Zevrost?

"They are mean people, Zevrost is not the worst, I was helping around my fathers shop and had to deliver some thigns to him, he smiled at me." Jaga held onto the nearby to stay on the ground. "The cleft is a short bit that way and Zevrost is around the corner, down the ramp and to your right"

Ling let go and watched Jaga float into the air and onto the cliffs his friend suprised they ran off to play.



"Well, lets head over" Ling said as she picked up the Reins to her Steed and headed off.

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