Lings Second day and a cry for help.

So Lings Second day got her almost to 20 before i had to sleep,

She was tasked with stopping a tribe of trolls that were raiding and stealing supplies, she knew they were harming people, not for food or to survive but to show power!

She was thanked, she knew it would be a job that this would be a rarity.

She helped a few others going around and killing more of the wretched and furthering her desire to stop that from happening to her.
Ling was happy when someone called upon her to help cleanse a fortress of evil, people building a ship and calling themselves defias terrorizing a populace!

She then was Tasked with helping a cavern to be cleansed from a evil that had built up and to wake a protector for that cavern, Now it no longer wails.

After that she helped a man plan and get supplies for a party, Ling felt joyous, She was helping and did not hurt those that she could save. She was sad because she remembered things she had done under the old warlocks control, flashes bits and pieces. But she vowed to keep strong, and help others!

At the party she did partake of a mild mind altering substance and heard a cry of pain from another, a demon being hurt to serve someone, she plans to in the near future find this demon and free it to save it from being tortured.

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