99 Fishing.. Eventually.

Ok, lets get this post started, I have been for the last 2-3 months working on a new goal after I became a Rune Miner...

I decided to get 99 Fishing. I liked fishing and it was something I could do while watching TV or reading DIGG articles/news.

So I set off.. and quickly got 91 and 92 fishing... and when I was close to getting 93 fishing Barbarian Fishing came out..

So I tried to make a little Story about it

News Flash: Sharks are endangered

Shark numbers in the Fishing Guild Drop and Guild members blame Mementh.

The regular members of the Guild are noting how fast Mementh is fishing Sharks and worry that the Shark population will need assistance from Guthix to stay in balance.

So Far the Guild members have seen Mementh take out between Seven Thousand and Ten Thousand sharks. And they do not see a end in sight because Mementh has been heard saying he is going to fish "At least another Fifty-six Thousand to get my 99 fishing."

When asked to comment Mementh replied. "Hey, I pay my Guild dues just like everyone else.. I am just trying to get 99 fishing before my birthday in November".


UPDATE: Due to the MASSIVE drop on the Sharks population
the Fishing guild decided last week to BAN Mementh
from using a Harpoon in there guild. Catherby Beach
officials declared that they would also ban Mementh
due to the 'Shark Fishing Accords of 2005'.

Not to be deterred Mementh went on a quest.. using
the spare 1200 tuna fish he had banked from
Sweetcorn and Tuna Tater assembly of a few months
ago. He fished the 1200 salmon and got the
flour and pie dishes required to make 1200 Admiral

Upon seeing him walk in with that many pies they
realized that Mementh had 92 fishing and was
near 93.. near enough that he could fish sharks in
the Barbarian Fishing way he had been taught
only weeks earlier.

When asked about the unique strategy Mementh
commented "I only need the pies to get to 96
fishing. I wont need to eat for a year but I will
not need any assistance" And after pulling up a
Giant Shark
Mementh commented "I think this Crabclaw-Hook
Really helps, It also protects my hand from the
shark biting." Right after saying this Mementh
Leveled to 93 fishing

Hear Ye Hear Ye
Hensforth the Character known as Mementh is hereby Banned from using Pies to increase his fishing level.
The Fishing Guild Commity has declared that Mementh can no longer use any sort of Boosting pies or potions to allow him to reach 96 fishing temporally.

"We don't mind him using the Barbarian Fishing Technique he learned, its just he is leaving pie dishes and half eaten pies all over the docks.
We have had Five other players who have slipped and fallen into the water. The rescue efforts have caused the guild to shut down while rescue efforts were underway.
He can continue fishing sharks once he has gotten his skill level to the required 96 Fishing to use the Barbarian fishing technique." The public Relations Spokesperson replied when asked for a comment.

Some fellow guild members have stated that they believe this ban is a crock. A Guild member wishing to be Anonymous stated "The Guild Commity is scared, not since the opening of the guild has one person taken out that many sharks in such a short time. They fear for the sharks population and the cost to breed more sharks to replace the ones Mementh has gotten."

Mementh meanwhile has been seen in the town of "Burgh de Rott" fishing sharks.
When asked to comment the Towns leader Elisabeta stated this "Since Mementh came we have had food on our tables *EVERY NIGHT* thanks to Memenths donations.
We are stronger and have been able to rebuild more since we no longer have to scrounge around for food and risk getting caught by the Vampyres. We have been able to keep more villagers healthy because they have food in there bellies."

When asked about the possibility of overfishing the sharks Elisabeta replied "Right now we are worried about keeping people healthy and safe. The sharks in the ocean breed on there own and we have not had any fishermen that had the level to fish them in generations. So they are overpopulated right now."

I mainly moved to Burgh De Rott because of the issues of wasting the Pies i had. I was getting 15-20 shark using two pies at times.. it was also maddening to find the "shark spot" out of the other fishing spots.

I also got myself a "uniform" Pirate hat with eyepatch, Rabbit foot necklace, stripy blue pirate shirt and blue pirate pants, a Crabclaw-hook, and Moger Flippers. I carry with me a Rune Satchel and a Frying pan.

I also got my pmod status back several months ago which resulted in at least one comical response
Here are a few

This one MIGHT have been a responce.. anyways its funny

This one was from a Clanchat that was just freaking funny

So on we go... 13366 Sharks fished and 39875 more sharks till 99.

I plan on using the Sharks to get 99 Cooking.. Only 11591 more sharks till I get enough to get 99 cooking. :)

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