So Ling Carter used to be a young teenage blood elf, Interested in the mechanics of machines and how the metals were made.
Her parents noticed how her inventions and tools just seemed to work, as if she was using magic.

The evil warlock killed her parents, and took her as prisoner!
(One should know that drain life works to extend the life of the drainer but it does not work that well, it will eventually stop giving enough life to be worth it and that warlock was near the end)

The Warlock Blood Elf that captured her took control over her mind, through her teenage years she was forced to learn the dark arts of fel energy and magic so that the old warlock could take over her body and live forever.

After a good while she started to regain some of her mind, slowly.. bits and pieces, the old warlock had gotten complacent, thinking the spells would hold for long enough to complete the spell that took years to prepare.

When Ling woke one night, she was free, the spell had faded and she ran.. never learning or caring why.. she went to the nearest village. There the authorities felt the fel energies she had been using for her entire teenage life and decided to have her escorted into a medical facility for those that had overused magic or had gone insane with magic.

After checking her story over the following weeks and months, the mages and priests that checked her mind and soul they found that she had been tainted to where the magic she could use was no longer pure and arcane, and she could not wield the light either.

That night was told this she she vowed she would do whatever it took to protect others so that they would not be harmed, that she would follow two rules in her life.
If it harms no one, do it!
Protect the weak from the strong.

After a while the people in charge of the allowed her to leave, not seeing her as a threat to society directly and knowing she could control her magic, she went out to see who she can help and to learn how she can use her powers! One of the Priests gave her a mount to ride to the city, she was told he was sturdy and would keep her safe, but might be a bit slow.

Once she got to the city she was tasked with helping around and fixing things.. She found a Warlock trainer that gave her some information to help her some. But he was not very receptive of her desires to help others.


One of which she was shown what happens when one overfeed too much on magic and becomes too addicted to it.
She vowed never to let a search for power do that to her, she would always make sure she would never be able to harm those she cared about.


After a while she went further south and found a INN to stop at and sleep.

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