So its been a while.. I know I have not been blogging a huge amount..

I am planning, maybe, to make a warlock in wow.. a pure evil class that I have shyed away from because it is evil.

I have never liked evil in a game.. the idea of warlocks who seek fel energies which are considered evil, to empower themselves is .. not who i am.

I have sought a character that could use "evil ways" for good.

The stories by Lazlo Zalezac have a character in there called Ling Carter.

She is a nice woman, fierce and powerful, I thought about making a monk with her for dps.. but considered she is dedicated to the two rules, if it harms no one do it... protect the weak from the strong.

She would learn how to do despicable things.. killing shooting and torturing to help those on the side of good.

For a while she would use too much force, killing when she did not have to!
Then she celebrated getting off on a technicality and a son banned her and his sister from visiting for a year, this helped her move forward and learn not to go too far.

At one point she helps the Druids get vital information from a person, the Druid left her in a room with the man knowing he would be tortured but it was to help protect the weak she hurt him.

Ling Carter will be my warlock.. dedicated to learning to use Fel energies to help others, striving not to cause pain for those that do not deserve it. But for those that do, they will wish they never were born.

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