Warcraft Valor and a New patch

The word on twitter today was that the currency situation on warcraft for the new patch was reveled.

I have to give this information a thumbs down and a raspberry!

I don't think the way they are doing this patch is the most friendly nor does it have a reason to be done this way.
In my experience in the past back when we had badges in wrath and in Cata when we had JP/VP points, things were a bit different when a patch would hit.

I will give examples for Cata but Wrath was very similar.

When the Firelands patch hit the existing gear that was sold for Valor was shifted to become Justice Point gear.
This allowed someone with a alt to gear up a bit easier and not spend the new Valor on older gear.
The idea is Valor is for the current content and Justice point for helping get to the level one can do the current content.

Back then one could have stocked up 6,000-10,000 Valor after they had geared up enough to not need to buy anything. It was useless except for one deal, There were a few Bind on Equip items that could be bought and sold.
I remember doing this a bunch of times and it got me a few hundred gold and helped others leveling alts to gear up some.
It also let me gear up my alts and friends alts.

We have not had that spending outlet in MOP, we have had upgrades which @epicdiapers on twitter has suggested is not really a good idea.

What blizzard is doing this expansion is as such:

1. Valor items from patch 5.0 are getting a 50% reduction
2. Valor items from patch 5.2 are getting a 25% reduction
3. All Valor is converted to Justice Points

I can see points one and two, they are good ideas to help alts get geared a bit for LFR/LFD, but point three is a major issue I don't support.

Why wipe the Valor?
A few reasons come to mind:
1. Prevents Hording of Valor and spending alot when cheaper!
2. Prevents Hording of Valor and spending on the new Valor gear.

There is also a mechanic that was introduced in the game with Mists of Pandaria that changed how Valor and Justice points behaved.
They have a HARD cap, you can't go over 3000 Valor or 4000 Justice Points.
This prevents a MAJOR issue, you can't Horde them! You are forced to spend them eventually!

So its even if a person horded the Valor it does not help them much in the long run. They could buy One item out of the gate from the new Valor gear, two over a two week period.
For 99.999% of the player base i would make a call that this means squat and wont matter.
It would only matter to the world/realm firsters and seriously would not have a impact even to them.

For alts that DID horde the valor, they get to buy one or two new pieces they would not have been able to. I don't feel this is a major issue since one extra piece is not going to bump from say 463ilvl to 480ilvl, it will help but not a major issue.

Lets assume Valor is not wiped what is stopping the hording? Reputation gating.

The Daily area and Dungeon reputations are gated, you can only get so much rep a week no matter what you do!
So its not possible for someone that had horded the Valor to rocket ahead of others gear wise.
Everyone would have to spend a short amount of time to do daily's or run LFR/Normal dungeons (Side note: the dungeon rep as i understand it counts per boss once a week, you can't double dip and get more rep by doing both normal and LFR)
This would mean by the time it rolls around to where someone could get the gear they should have the valor to spend on it, thus no advantage to hording (note: blizzard developers if this is not the case *SLAP*)

The Questions to ask is Who does it harm to leave the Valor alone in 5.2?

Does it harm others gearing up quicker on a new character? No, it might offend or make someone feel there work was not worth it, but not harm.
Does it harm the new alt/person to gear up? This is answered by the items going down in price. So its a Assumed No.

Why is this a issue? Why am I upset?

There was the expectation that Blizzard is changing how things work and would not wipe the valor, since items were just reducing in cost. The hard cap to Valor and Justice Points prevent someone from going wild. Along with the new rep gating makes a balance for the old vs new gear.
In short, its hard to abuse the system now!

What do I think should be done?

I would suggest to blizzard that they change how Valor and Justice points work in the long run.

1. For now leave the Valor alone, there is protection to prevent abuse built into the new reputation, and the small extra gear won't matter much in the long run.
2. Revamp the idea of Valor and Justice points. Valor is to be spent on anything for the expansion you are in. Justice points are to upgrade items? or Purchase from prior expansions. When a new expansion hits all items become Justice Point gear. Heirlooms would be bought with JP gear and every expansion they would upgrade in the first patch, IE patch 5.1, to go to the level cap of the prior expansion.

As it stands My advice to anyone playing right now:

In the long run your not farming Valor anymore from today till 5.2 hits! Relax and have fun

If you are Ilvl 480+ or are not playing the character much, let it idle and have a vacation till 5.2
Your valor is worthless, spend it to upgrade items or fill in that missing spot only, but do not waste your time farming valor.
(this advice is for NON raiders, if you are a active raider disregard)

If your not Ilvl 480+ then work slowly towards it, don't stress yourself too much. If this is not a main or a character you plan on working on in first month of 5.2 let it go on vacation.

Work on alts that are not 90! Get them ready to start at 5.2 and able to run LFD!.

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