A minor freak out which leads to a choice made

So today I was on my priest Elizara who is a worgen on the alliance side, and was trying to do the shield wall daily quests when I again kept getting killed by the horde side players. I got to the point I felt like destroying something to vent my rage.

I personally hate that I am on a PVP server and wont attack others. There is no revenge to be gotten from attacking them, nor any satisfaction.

I don't attack others.. and have even helped others kill things when I am on horde or alliance and really feel its wrong in Warcraft to kill others that are not being aggressive to you.
It was two rogues, they killed me a couple times and a pally another.. and i just cracked.. I am not in this game.. paying my money to be some kids entertainment. If they want to feel all big and strong and be a bully they should grow up.

I will say if I had my way the servers would be a strict PVE setting and the world PVP options would have to be manually turned on.

I love the game but feel that the old idea of people PVPing in southshore and tarran mill is gone, it died a long time ago. Now world pvp is just harassment and causing others grief and should be turned off by default.

So I am moving my character on alliance side to Earthen Ring in a short bit, a day or so while i arrange to move things.
And I plan once my new schedule starts to move all my characters slowly into the AIE Guild for my horde characters.

I feel like I am giving up some, but some parts of me know I can't change what is needed to make me happy so I am moving to allow me ot enjoy the game more.

I do plan to stay playing with harthok and Naralina ( @Druidelight and @varsalis ) and they know i have not been happy with how things have been going.

I don't know what will happen but I plan to relax and enjoy playing the game again.

One thought on “A minor freak out which leads to a choice made

  1. mrandmrswow

    Hey Menny!

    Totally understand the whole hating being ganked thing. We transferred servers purely for this reason and I'm SO happy to be back on a PvE server. I gain no satisfaction from ganking people, nor making their horrid daily grind longer by trying to kill them!

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