Back? Plus what’s been going on.

Well I have been lax on updates for a Long time but feel I should update since its been a year almost.

So sit back and relax while I tell you all that's happened

I have gained weight now that I have been able to hold my food down. Sadly that's a bad thing but I want to work on it.

I don't know how to go about it easily with a work schedule like hat I have. It's difficult to eat right since food I would have for lunch has to be either brought from home or able to be stored in my vehicle. This usually means Raman an canned chicken and veggies for lunch.

Dinner is usually some pasta of sorts with veggies and meat.
I feel I eat too much here and want to stop preparing so much.

I know others prepare a lot of food an put it away to eat later but if I prepare something that's for two or so servings I find I eat a lot of it at once and just don't realize.
So I feel if I prepare only one serving I am able to control better. I find this happening when I have a TV dinner a lot and I eat and wait a while before thinking about food again and just don't get hungry again for a while.

At work I have been moved around to several teams and had a proper cubical for a while. This was a bit fun since I was wanting to put up a Warcraft cataclysm poster.

We have gone from pushing sales heavily in repair to not caring about sales to handle calls, we were overloaded for a while.

Now we are pushing sales again and I feel I liked the freedom of just being able to help.

Though its not a bad push for sales, it's more a lot pushing to help first. Get the issue resolved and treat the customer right and if there is a sales option to take it.
Gonna be skeptical but I am trying the options out since it makes sense on many points.

In Warcraft a lot has happened some good some bad.

After I got home the guild I was in sorta broke apart due to the guild leader haing a lot of real life difficulties and changes.

I got into a guild that a previous guildie was in and it into a tank role. I and the other tank hitter heads a lot and I felt he was being childish.
He was the co-guild leader an felt he had power to tell me what role to play.
Looking back this was a major theme that they kept making me go kitty spec for all fights that did not new two tanks even after we geared past the need to do it.

Also the main guild leader in retrospect is a asshole to people.
If someone left the guild and told people how bad he was he wanted to blacklist everyone from taking to them.
This did and would never work!
Though one person did cause a menace and pissed me off that had left the others were ok people.

In the end I feel I stayed on because I was afraid of playing without playing with others and being alone.

When I left two real life friends that wanted to leave and were sorta staying to be with me left and the raid team fell apart badly!

I don't feel sorry about this to the guild leader. ( naralina mentioned below got demoted by the guild leader when we pugged her hunter that she rarely played into a pug raid)

Two friends naralina and hartok also left after the guild leader had some more issues. They started there own guild and I do have a alt in there that I am playing just a bit.
But real life crept up on them and tey have been busy with a friend that got married and now that it's over maybe we can do more together.

Ultimately I left the guild an joined another where rl friend was friends with.
I am still playing Australian times but I have had a weird calm lately about a desire to raid.
I just don't care if I don't get to raid full time anymore.
In the current expansion there is a lot to do and I feel I crept near burn out but have backed off and am now near a nice pace of doing Dailys to get my reputations up and doing things for fun.

I have been doing a lot of pet battles an leveling them and collecting. It's been a bit fun.

I made a buttload of gold semi accidentally when a scheme failed.

My inscriptionists had every glyph available pre expansion and I had bought like a ton of herbs and made inks outta them. And then down traded a lot of them to the lower inks.
I thought I would make a lot makin glyphs for people.
I did not :(

But when I put the inks on the auction house after the expansion started while everyone was leveling alts trade skills I made a ton from that!

So all in all my health is better then last year and I have a idea or two to make it better. ( could use more like a 24 hour gym near where I live and work.)

Work is going ok and I enjoying it and doing good.

And in wow I am finding it might be ok to be more casual like I have felt I wanted to be for a while.

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