Why is twitter so wrong/shitty

Why is twitter So shitty on its interface.

I use the basic twitter app for iphone and if it crashes it wont show but the last 5 hours of tweets and NO OPTION TO LOAD MORE!!!

Whereas the website will let me load 24+ hours?!?!?!! WTF!!!!

Also twitter is wrong or does not give the option to read oldest to first propperly..

I want to see my oldest tweet first at the top of the list and then scroll DOWN .. LIKE A BOOK/PAGE.. Why is it backwards?

I have found a ok iPod app Tweetbot that loads tweets better then others am I do not feel afraid to exit the app because it will remember where I left off and not forget older tweets as readily as the default.

I just wish it did the posts in reverse order but I can live with it.

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