19k sharks & New Hacking #’s

Well its been about 4 months since I started my quest for 99 fishing... And I AM DAMMED NEAR CLOSE.. I know the halfway point is lvl 92.. thats exactly 50% of lvl 99's exp..

I have been working hard since i got that lvl on "Monday, August 13, 2007, 01:23:28 AM" (at least thats when I saved the picture)

If I were to have started over i would be lvl 83 now :)

The reason for this post though is to CELEBRATE MY 19k SHARK CAUGHT and in my bank right now (I have caught since I started this 30932 sharks but have sold the others to get my outfit and such)

This also brings me to another topic I wish to bring up...
My hacking in January 17 2006.. I lost alot then.. and found some friends (old blog entry not put direct links because i am not sure about wordpress yet) (thank you again Frizoid for the whip)

You can see my Past Blog posts on my Website (I like to revisit this to see how much I Lost)
*suicide watch for mementh* (joke)
6 Months (approx) since hacking
51 Weeks Since hacking.

Here are my Dry numbers for what I lost

All Items
High: 1,956,990,100
Low: 1,955,022,400

Without Rares
High: 34,490,100
Low: 44,522,400

As you can see The rare items make up a good bulk of what I lost...

I managed to find a "reliable source" for the current illegal price of RS GP and thats 4.49/Million which works out to be

All Items
High: 8786.89
Low: 8778.05

Without Rares
High: 199.91
Low: 154.86

I feel this does not bode well for Jagex (this means the autoers are doing too good (we don't want that)

So thats whats happening.

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