67 Slayer and 72 Agility AND MY NEW BED!!!!

Woot I got a few levels when I escaped from the Burgh De Rott Fishing area I got 67 Slayer and 72 Agility. :)

I also completed my Greegree Collection and got a spare of each for a place holder :)

Burgh De Rott Stuffed with Sharks?

Ever since the intrepid Fisherman Mementh Went to Burgh De Rott the town has not had a empty plate at dinner time.

But problems are looming, Town leader Elisabeta had this to say in a recent interview, "Mementh has been a godsend to us. Our small little town has prospered. But we have such a surplus donated sharks, that we have been working to sell them and re-build our town. We are worried about Memenths leaving once he gets to his level of 96 fishing."

Analysts say that Burgh De Rott might survive now that they have a supply of gold in there coffers and reporters have seen Mementh teaching the young children and adults how to fish sharks and use a big net.

When asked about his possible leaving Mementh gave us a comment " I have been teaching these people how to fish. I have three promising students who are almost ready to start trying to catch Bass in there big nets.
Trust me IF and I want to stress IF I leave This town will be able to feed itself from there own shark fishermen."

"Plus I am still banned from the Fishing Guild, where else can I go right now to fish sharks?" Mementh Commented.

My father called me up today and told me there were some beds for sale.. QUEEN SIZED for like $100 bucks @ a local furniture store.

Well I headed over and got me one (I have been sleeping on a Twin on the floor since I moved in)
And here you go :) Aint it purty :)

FYI the blanket was made by my mom when I was 5-7 years old.. wow.. I still looks good and fits the bed :)

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