The Fishing Guild Committee has today announced that they are shutting down. Local Fishing Scientist have concluded that the “Salt Water Shark” that was prevalent in the Fishing Guild not 5 months ago has become Extinct from the Guilds lakes.
While it is a shock, no one would say that it was entirely not unexpected. “The Guild has been warned many times that they needed to cut back on the fishing allotments that they gave their members. The Sharks had no chance to regenerate there population.” Councilor Halgrive commented when pressured.

This is one possible reason but this paper was able to find several Fishing scientists who would only talk if we kept their identities secret.
“The Fishing Guild has been under pressure to reduce the number of sharks that could be fished a month. People think that the Sharks are dying out due to over fishing. THIS IS A LIE!

The Rock Crabs that used to stay around the Fremmnick areas have been found in the south area around the inlet to the Fishing Guild. They have grown big and are getting to the sharks first before the sharks can get in.

And there is nothing the Guild can do about it.”

When asked about the smaller fish and swordfish the scientist responded, “They are not being affected, they seem to be slipping though the Rock Crabs claws and getting in.”

This brings to light the recent banning of a Guild Member Mementh, which was controversial due to the fact that Guild Members blamed Mementh for the low population. Which seems to have been a fabrication to try and take the blame away from the Guilds inactions.

In Response many Guild members have thrown down there harpoons and are picketing the Guilds Offices to force the Guild to re-admit Mementh.

OK This story is just about over.. I am nearing 96 fishing and have found a way to go back to the guild. Which will be posted tomorrow :)

Also I will get my level tomorrow IN THE FISHING GUILD.

I plan it to be about 2 am CST 8 AM GMT. I am hoping to give a few sharks away, If there are enough people maybe go to the Duel arena or go on the trawler. (though if not we can always use my fighting room @ my POH and have a mini tournament)

Pies will be provided to those that need them to get in.. (location will change if necessary) *thanks to Pokemama for pies I ran out*

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