Well Folks its been a short bit but I plan still to update my blog more often.

Well since I last updated I got the OK from the doc to drive and I went up to visit my mother, which we had alot of fun.
Christina cleaned moms place a bit while I took raven out shopping for marshmallows and such for a fire we would have later that night.
Raven and I did get some new shoes, both of ours were falling apart.

Later that night we went out to eat and went to a place that had a chocolate fountain. Mom and Sis made liberal use of it. But I was fascinated with the cotton candy they had and had a full stick of one. I would have had one more going out but the attendant had run out.

But I did get some pics of Raven eating, she is so cute.

My mother has two birds and a Dog, Sandy is the Dog and I know the male bird is Louie, but we did take them out for a while and Raven kept wanting to pet them but was afraid of them.

The first night mom and Raven had a "sleep over" and sandy slept with them in the bed while Christina took moms bed and I took the recliner.

My moms home is quite old and honestly not the best. It does not have central heat and air so she relies on space heaters for her bedroom and the living room.
While I was shopping I bought her as better heater for her living room which helped alot since it oscillated and that helped move the air back and forth. The radiator she was using just could not heat things fast enough because of all the leaks in her home.

I had tried some of those chemicals that change the fires color but I think because of the way the fire was it failed to work that well and was a bit of a dissapointment.

Fast forward a few weeks and we have XMAS!!!!

I have to say i love going overboard on giving the kiddies lots of presents and think I did pretty good.

I will let the youtube video's tell this tale mostly.

DEC 24'th opening one present after the movies, Alexis was with her Granny and could not come. We went to go see Arthur Christmas and I thought it was pretty good.

I think its funny though my sister "fixed" her living room lights and somehow wired the lights for the bathroom to turn the living room and outside lights on and off.

The next day we opened the rest of the presents and I did not get it on video but Nathan said a few times it was his best Xmas ever. Made my heart warm!

The book I got Lisa has a interesting story. Mike had called me the week before and said It would be a good idea for me to get it for her if I wanted to.
So I did, but he forgot or misheard me and the day before he and her had bought it at walmart. Before we opened a present at Lisa's I saw the book and informed him quietly that I had gotten it for her.
Not long after she was wondering where it went because she wanted to read a bit of it.

So that was a bit of Holiday Fun.

I wish i had more time for Christina's present because I do love doing a gag gift and I had wanted to find a huge box or something odd to put the gift card I got her in.

Otherwise we had a Great XMAS :)

Here are all the pics from the visit and XMAS

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