Interview with the Savior of the Fishing Guild

Interview with the Savior of the Fishing Guild

He was banned from the Fishing Guild, Shunned.
He found a new home and was accepted.
Then when his old stomping grounds needed him, He found a way to merge both his old and new homes together, Literally.

Let me present Mementh.

Tell me Mementh, how does it feel to be unbanned from the Fishing Guild?
“Its great, I wish it had not happened, But that’s water under the bridge.”

So As the introduction has stated you had found a new home in Burgh De Rott, Fishing sharks, and feeding the locals.

“Quite right Burgh De Rott is now able to fend for themselves and the townsfolk are healthier than they ever have been.”

So tell us, When did you learn of the Fishing Guilds Closure to Shark Fishing?

“I was taking a break from fishing and had headed over to the Void Knight Outpost to help them some, I am trying to collect a full set of their armor.
And I was reading the Varrock Herald which had the story in it”

I assume that you were mad about being banned falsely?

“Yes, and no, I was upset but I realized I was the “fall guy” which it could have happened to others”

What lead you to come up with the fix that has brought back the Shark to the Fishing Guild.

“Sigh At first I knew I had to do something, but I knew not what. Then it struck me, The Fremennik People thrive on sharks. And they have a Goddess who they worship, Fossegrimen the Fremennik god of sharks and sealife, I decided to head on up and pay this god a visit and see what could be done.

I spoke with Fossegrimen after putting a raw BIG shark on her alter, I asked her ‘Fossegrimen There is a area to the south that has been devoid of the glorious shark for a short time. I wish to help these people re-gain access to the sharks.

It was her who said that there was nothing that could be done to bring the sharks back via the river that fed the lake.”

So what was suggested?

“Well I made a comment about how it would all be good if we could move the sharks from the Town of Burgh De Rott to the Fishing guild.

As I teleported away intended to go back to Burgh De Rott I realized… we could TELEPORT the Sharks En Mass.
I went to the only wizard I knew who could help me, Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne.
I explained to the wizard what I needed. He knew of the portals for teleporting that can be built in a person’s home.

What we needed was bigger and more complex. We hashed things out and figured we could build two portals, One in Burgh De Rott and one in the Fishing Guild.

I went to Elisabeta and started talked between her and the Fishing Guild Committee. The Committee agreed to unban be and help the town of Burgh De Rott more then I could, if we could construct this portal.

We realized it would take over 100 mahogany logs per portal and 1000 law runes and a lot of special help from Wizard Cromperty. “

But there was a problem, how to make sure only sharks went though and were not killed by the Rock Crabs.

How did you overcome that hurdle?

“I went back to Fossegrimen and asked her for her help. She seemed surprised, and though she accepted we would use magic, but I was able to convince her.

She gave me two Crystals to use in the construction of the portal which would attract only sharks.

Keeping the Rock Crabs proved to be a bit more difficult…

I remembered that the Town of Yanille is protected by a tower that uses magic to keep the Ogre’s out. They said it could be done but they would need a set of protection crystals tuned to Rock Crabs and Sharks to allow the sharks to go through but the rock crabs not to”

Was this a Deal Breaker?

“No, I spoke again with Fossegrimen and found I could get essence of Shark and essence of Rock Crab to have her make into Crystals, which we used to setup a barrier at the mouth of the river.

We then activated the portal and waited a few days. Since then the over abundance of sharks that Burgh De Rott had, have gone to The Fishing Guild. “

So that’s how you saved the Fishing Guild!
What do you plan on doing now?

“Well I Just got 96 fishing and I Had a small party at the Fishing Guild.

I saw Neko Negde, Baerht, Iquende, Anishka0, and Sheynara at the party.

Then we went to my Home and I had a mini tournament where everyone played and Sheynara won 150k.

I want to thank Pokemama who gave me some Admiral pies after I ran out.

Well I am no longer banned from the Guild as you can tell.. I also got lvl 96 and don't need to use pies anymore :)

Gratz to Sherynara who won the fight :)


You can find more pics And Some Video @ My Photo Album

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