Forums Back & 99 cooking b2p & new toys!!!

WELCOME BACK, I don't know who it was but from what is said one of the former Admin's decided to give us a Goodbye present and killed the forums...

I hope Karma pays you back man.


Anyways, I have not been lazy and I got ANOTHER lvl 99!!!!


Buying My Skillcape

I also had some Fun selling all the sharks and buying a BANDOS GODSWORD AND DRAGONFIRE SHIELD

I also did the Quest Smoking Kills.. which was quite fun

I got a few things from the Slayer tasks so far!!!!!

WOOT WOOT (though this was anti climatic since the part wont sell by itself and the shield itself only made me about 50k :( )

I also got 85 STR and 69 (sexy) Slayer

I got Bones to peaches, which I will say now, THE MAGE TRAINING AREANA IN AL KAHDRID IS THE WORST PLACE EVER.
The tasks were mind numbing "grinding" and nothing could have been fun about it.

I celebrate the WIMPER that the hat gave as it was destroyed


I also figured out how to do the Skillcapes as eggs and here you go :)

Also while I was at the jellies I got asked a Silly Question, so here is my "Silly Text Silly Response Segment"