New Sig Part 1

Well its been a few days and i promised a few people in the clan chat i am in that i would post my newest signature,

Well I plan on posting it, but i wanted to build some suspense? (also to post more and talk more)

First some of my old signatures that I had done,

This one was when I got 85 Smithing :)

It was done by The_Jeppoz from :)
It was done back in the day where we had smaller signature sizes :(
I still don't like the look of the rune helm, it just feels wrong for the game (too demonic).
You can see the dragon ammys in the background and bench because I still am a major crafter :)
He did get my face spot on though:)

This one was done when I got 85 Mining last year :)

I like this one, open pit, sorta like the wild rock but not in wild :)
I don't mine rune much, it is too difficult and requires too much hopping.. its very solitary, but I will try every now and then :)
The outfit i am wearing is still pretty much the same, dragon boots now though :)

This one i made as a joke wearing my "outfit"

I usually wear a Stripy Pirate shirt (blue) and leggings from the pirate area :)
A Strung Rabbits foot
Ring of Charos (a)
Rune Satchel
Pirate hat with eye patch.
Crabclaw Hook, I like this, people notice the bright orange red claw but never the hook :(
And last but not least Flippers form the Moger area

This was a day or so ago when I had 10.3k sharks to fish till 99

I just thought the responce from thrawn Jl and IMjosh was funny :)

For my new signature my idea was pretty simple, me out on a dock with a home/shelter in the background, wearing my "uniform"

and here is the first rough draft he gave me.

which was ok.. for a start :) I will post more in a day or so for this :)

Now for the levels :) I have gotten since last post

98 FISHING!!!!!

Unklqb my friend from work and Nussre came to celebrate (nursse would not dance with us)

41 Summoning & 42

both of these were lvled via experiance books from school and genies

Got the new quest and Stronghold done :)

I like the idea of the super fishing potions and the new gloves/emote :)

though I wish they would not have crowded the area so much.. but i guess they want everything nearby :)

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