*suicide watch for mementh* (joke)

well.. the unthinkable happened....

i mean i was cautious and use a good password

and it got hacked/guessed.. i don't know what really happened

i lost a shitload. (in game)

full phat set
full mask set
2 santas
2900 magic logs
10k nats
10k bowstrings
28k or so essence
2k laws
4k or so cads
3.5k or so of white berrys
28k iron bars
my rune plats 2 dragon legs 2 dragon helms
my whip
my two rune boots

they left some items for some strange reason and some friends donated to me

so what to do now..

move on.....

i am tripple checking my computers

hopefully nothing is on them but i kinda want there to be so that i can assure myself of what happened...

also.. a comment about the comments.. i think i know who put them there.... honestly i am a perv... if i know it i can understand myself and make sure i don't do things i know are wrong..

but your judging me... i don't like that.. get a life and realize you are being silly

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