sigh.. what was it

Well i lost my Pmod status in the game.. because my account was comprimised.

Its currently locked... which is a good thing.. only i should be able to get it back..

but i have not found any trogans or keyloggers that could explain this.

There are three possabilities that i figure must have happened.

1. The keylogger is not a recognized one.. therefore it can't be found (scary)
2. the Keylogger deleted itself when it delivered its payload (thank god it did not do more then that)
3. My ex GF's in runescape have conspired against me and guessed my password.

1 and 2 means i SHOULD reformat...

3 means i should never have friends again.. to at least keep a completely random password.

since i am not finding evidence of 1 or 2 and i will be installing a more robust firewall i should not ever have to worry about it again.

i unfortunatly belive it was # 3...

Honestly i would love to have my stuff back.. but if i could at least have knowlage of it.. i would not care if i ever got my stuff back.

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