New Sig Part 3!!!! (yes i am late on it)

Well I promised more of my sigs, but I just got lazy and did not post :(

Well I currently stand at 460,196exp till 99, which is 4184 Sharks. WOOT WOOT :)

Its been interesting :)

Since my last post I have been busy doing a few other skills, We also had April Fools day :)

So I will start things off from there.

I love this Years April Fools Event, it just is silly and crazy :) and I love the play on words Jokes that Jagex Comes up with.

Though I did not play all the time :)

I got some lvls :)

Thank you Unklqb aka Jerry from my work. I had to plank about 1000 og the oaks to get the lvl. Which having a friend helped :)

Though the trade restrictions are ticking me off because we had to stop every so often.

I had had the bones to get these lvls for a while, I had just been LAZY to do it... Well I went ahead and got the lvls.

WOOT 81 HERBLORE :) I had the herbs to get this lvl as well and finally applied myself to it, I can now make the best potion in the game the Super Strength Poison Potion when I use a Greenmans Ale

I have to say this is one of the most funny moments, I am in the fishing guild and the person asks me this...... HEHEHEHEHE

I went to Juna and got a few lvls over the last few weeks :)

I believe Jagex is really REALLY trying to make Summoning a good skill. And I think they have done it!

I was using a Bull Ant the other day in the Karmaja Dungeons and was able to stay much longer because of it :)

Tonight I ran out of cash when i went to buy today's stock of battle staffs. So I decided to go ahead and craft them all and I got this lvl :)

Well for the Main Event more of the new sig revealed,

You can see he has blocked everything out and gotten the major things outlined

Then he has the Mountains and background pixeled in.

And now the lake and the Crabclaw, though I had to complain, a Crabclaw is much much bigger in proportion to a normal hand. And where is my Pirate Hook?!?!?!?!?!

There we are with the claw right and pirate hook and beach :)

So long for next time.......

Oh, I decided to be like Steve Jobs, Here is one more thing :)

Its something that Came to mind one evening and i had to film it about 10 times to get it right, and I can't even use it as a signature because its just under 400k!!!!!!!

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