Micrsoft…. Why?

Yet ANOTHER update to microsofts update genuine advantage..

Why do they have the tool? i will explain later but here is how i have found to get around it...

Before you hit Express or custom.. put this into your address bar


Or if your feeling risky open up regedit and search for
"Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool"

and change any file locations of c:\ to d:\

and it should disable itself..

Now.. why do they do this.. to frighten people into buying there softwear...

mothers and fathers that there sons and daughters had install a new copy..

aunts and uncles..

Why do they want to fighten them.. because they are gullable enough to pay out $149.00 for a system that should be free or cheap enough to buy 10 copies for what they charge now..

Why do i say this.. ms is a monopoly and honestly uses it to keep others out of the OS market..

They know they have to patch and that any patch can be gotten somehow..

they even use a "auto update" for the most needed patches so therefore why? (this bypasses the check)

the only reason again is to get sales from those that can't afford it or never knew...

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