New Sig Part 4 Party Plans

Well its been a few days (2 weeks) since my last Runescape Post and I found a new posting in my favorite Newspaper the "Runescape Fishing Guild Times"

A celebration is being planned for the Savior of the Fishing Guild, Mementh.

Mementh is very close to achieving his level of 99 Fishing, which will make him a MASTER FISHER.

This has been a long story for the man known as Mementh, he has been on a fishing SPREE for close to 8 months, (though reports are sketchy this is about the first time he stated publically to get level 99 fishing).
He has been banned from the Fishing Guild, and took up residence in the town of Burgh De Rott.
Then when the Fishing Guild suffered a crisis he managed to save the day.

By current reports Mementh has 134,096 exp till 99, (That's 1220 sharks), and will get a Strength level right before he gets 99 Fishing.

Current plans are said to be for this THURSDAY April the 24th, in the evening (about 7-9pm CST).
Mementh's comment about this time is, "I want my RL friend Unklqb to be there, because that's the only day we are both off, and I want my friends from Tip.IT to be there, and the best time seems to be in the early evening on that date."

Speculation is if Mementh can't get the level on that day he will push it back till Thursday May the 1th same time frame.

The Locations that are currently being looked at for the level party is the Fishing Guild, but it does not seem possible that the guild could be shut down for one person because since Mementh has fixed it ,it has become more popular than it once was.

Other location ideas are Burgh De Rott which has offered to close down there Docks for Mementh, and the town of Rellekka home of the Fremennik People have offered to throw a rowdy party for the Master Fisher.

Suggestions are being taken, you can leave a message at the post office (reply to this post)

There will be a party at Mementh's place after the level pictures, Drinks and even a run though the newly created Dungeon under Mementh's Home along with a Prize or Two.

Now that we are done with the appetizer onto the main course...

I got a DRAGON DROP.. I was spending some time down in the Metal Dragons area and got a pair of DRAGON LEGS!!!!!!

Now the LVLS I have gotten!!!!

I got 88 HP While getting charms

I got all the way to 50 Summoning (45-50here not much to comment)

And the REASON I wanted to get 50 was because I got a Giant Crab Baby and wanted to talk to it from its youth to older age.

Here is the baby :)

And here are two of the three that that adult says :

Now for the last of the Signature, I am going to reveal it all

You can see the building interior and some outside is nearly ready, and the Docks still being done.

Outside and insides done, you can see the docks done, along with my "44k" of Raw sharks :.
You can also see my next lvl cape which will be 99 Cooking hanging inside.

I *DO NOT* know what was going though his mind when he suggested a rainbow.

I asked him to clean up and make the sign "Center for Excellence" more legible.

And you have the Final product after I paid $40 USD for it..

I have to say I wish it could have been done quicker.. From order to completion it took 2 and ½ months. :)

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