My windows replaced

Well i woke up in time to get to work.. got my shower.. even listed to some of NPR's Tech podcast.. but alas i was doomed to be late today...

they are replacing all the windows in my apt complex and as i was leaving they tell me they are going to replace mine..

sigh.. i call into work (i am not gonna let people in my apt without me being here)

and due to a scheduling mixup i had been coming in honestly 2 hours early (at 2pm, but my area managers mixup put me at 4pm)

so my manager was ok with me cutting out since the person here told me that it would be a hour to do it..


A hour later they had it framed in.. but no window..
a hour later (2 hours) they had the window in but no mud done..
after three hours the mudd was done.. sigh..

I also started the 100th quest in runescape... Here are some pics that i have taken so far.

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