Death of Rare

I came up with this a long while back.. but just re-vamped it to include new things and ideas since the ge came out

Party is still Thursday May 1, 2008 17:00 [-06:00]

Death of Rare’s Birth of a Holiday Shop and Random Retirement Home

Ok, I think its time for a change, I am calling for the Death of Rare’s as we know it.

OMG WTF BBQ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok, Here is the idea, One day Jagex Freezes all trades of Party Hates Half Wines Easter Eggs Masks and the Masks (all Rare’s)

A update comes out, The new Holiday & Rare’s Shop And Random Retirement Home.

First lets Deal with the Randoms, They will have their own separate Rooms or areas, each one can be done over and over for few gp.

The reason we would have this is because Jagex has removed some Randoms in the past and has hinted at removing more.

Now onto the meat of the post.

The Rare’s Store will sell every rare there, though there is a catch, because we want player owned items to be traded rather than have people buy from a shop.

So to fix this the shop will sell the Rare’s at a variable increase over the GE max Cost.
This means that if “Rare Item” costs 10M max at GE, then if it’s being traded heavily (meaning a lot of sales are going on) it will cost 50% more at the store. Which puts the price @ 15M.

But if it’s being traded lightly (few buys/sells in the prior week) it will sell for 20% more than GE price.
So the same 10M item would cost 12M.

This amount will flux and move based on the 7 or 30 day cycle. (meaning one day it might be 35% the next 20% or 50%)

This would make it so people would trade items on the GE rather than buy from shop.

Now, I also believe Current Prices are way out of line for this game and for the shop.

At the Time of Writing the Blue Phat cost according the Grand Exchange Database.
Minimum price: 380M Market price: 400M Maximum price: 420M

So my idea to allow the average person a option to have a Rare is this.

We remove all CURRENT rare items from the game (hold on) because they were teleported to the shop for reconditioning.

This makes it so that a person does not lose any Rare’s from the addition of the Shop to when they stop by it.

All Current Rare’s would receive a update here for prices, for example the Blue Phat would now cost say 10M.

The player would go to the Rare’s Stock Manager.

Here there are a few options the Player would have. (we are still using the Blue Phat as a example.)

1. Cash out the Rare, the player would receive automatically the Medium price for their rare as it was before the update. (400M)

2. Take Stocks, Player would receive the MAX price of the Rare, so 420M. And under a special “pre-owners discount” they would be sold 42 New Blue Phats.

3. Keep one, sell the rest, The player would get Either the Max Price of the Rare, or Somewhat less. (3-4% less) The Extra ones would be put on the GE (like coinshare does today) at med price.
The player would receive immediately the money without a guarantee of actually selling the item

The Shop will have two purposes, selling new Rare’s, but also managing the economy.

If a Specific Rare’s Natural Price gets above a certain limit (which will be quite high to prevent the need to do this often), then it gets pulled for Reconditioning again, and the prices are reset and the user has the three options again. As I see it this is Similar to a Stock Split on the Stock Market.

This keeps Rare’s at a affordable price for people but still able to show off Wealth and Status.

There would be few other updates to this in regards to Rare’s.

This would be done to stop Junk Traders, which means that you can buy a Rare for one type of item.
You can pay Gold Pieces, or any one item (even multiple boxed sets of armor), but not two.

When you put up another item you would get a message,
"Guthix feels that this items balance requires only one item to be offered for it"

Meaning the GE is what sets the price, there are no Merchanters that can manipulate the prices to suit their needs. There is NO Junk Trading of the new items allowed.

You would lose nothing on the Current Price, and can get MAX price even. And then sit on them to see if they go up or down.

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