I had a job interview today with comcast..
I am hoping to get the call center position

this place is just 5 minutes from where i live... it could not be a better job!!!!

I can only hope.. :)

I also had a weird dream last night
(note it was erotic and i can't explain WHY this was )
(i think some of it was influanced by the comcast interview)
i went to australia to do a job interview
i stayed with my grandfather?

I used my phone often (weird that it worked there)
I had gone to a video store and was given a "money card"
i bought a TON of food?
I was drinking alot of water...
I went outside the driveway was covered in plants (like decoration) in the middle of the driveway.?
i went outside and listened to my ipod and watch the traffic
a day went by
the next night a man? said he had nipple clamps on and his mother? (or just a older women friend) was rubbing on my leg and we were talking dirty
i felt a tooth chip in my mouth? and spit it out.

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