Harveys walk (AKA brush with death)

Harvey the Cute
Well i got bored today and decided to take harvey on a walk outside..

so i found his leash.. got him outta the cage. (he does not get out as much as i want him to)

and put his leash on.... out we went.. we went past the corner and down past the managers office and around the other corner..

and up the stairs to walk around the pool..

and then it happened... a bunch of kids from the apt complex were out playing.. this was ok and they wanted to see him (a 14 yr old girl asked a bunch of questions)

The way harvey is on the leash is he love to run amoke.. so he was makeing the kids .. not scared but startling them because they did not know him..

eventually a 2-3 year old got the nerves up to pet him... and put both hands aroudn his neck.. it lasted only a split second but it scared me to death...

The kids loved to see him and watch him and get chased by him a bit..

eventually i thought that we should head in so we went down the stairs on my apt side and back to my apt.

All in all i think harvey had fun and was never in danger.. but :( you never know what may happen.

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