sex stories?

This is something thats interesting to write about.. Adult sex stories..

First thing that comes to mind is porn. Stroke stories..
The Dirty magizines that are kept in the bathroom to read.

Those are not what i am thinking of right now. I do enjoy them, but i re-found a story author that.. his/her writing is so unique..

Happy Harry is a hobo that earns? or is rewarded by the "godess" and becomes a druid.. (be aware the Druids in this story took out the mafia and are supremly powerful.. but are balanced people)

Theses stories.. they are perfect... i can't discibe them in any other way.. i feel my heart wrench when something bad happens.. i see the comedy thats portryed.. i cry when its sad.. its like the author knows how to express the emotions and writes a story.. not a sex story..

its, amazing..

I have always thought that emotions are hard to achive.. (more along.. recognizing and appreciating) and i don't know :)

who knows what my path is.. sometimes it feels close to the end.. and other times............. it feels like a beach that wont ever end

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