SUPERMAN *spoiler warning*

Well i made it to Superman Returns last night...

it was amazing.. from the Krypton sun going nova properly (it shrank then exploded beautifully) to the visual effects... ew have another movie that all the effects do not make the movie.. the story does.. every single visual effect makes the story stronger.

This movie erases superman 3 and 4 from the timeline completely... this means that they NEVER happened.

Superman left on a space ship i belive.. though where he got it.... I don't know... Maybe because he knew how the crystal technology worked he coudl make one fresh on Earth?

Speacking of the cyrstals.. Lex Luthor (got he was protrayed perfectly) goes BACK to supermans Fortress of Solitude (remember he went in supermans 2) and learns all about the crystals that make up the structure.. his plan is to make a new island and destroy the USA using the cyrstals which can grow to a HUGE size just be being immirsed in water...

Well.. Supermans back.. He had left because he had heard there might be a planet left for him to return to (no such luck)

Lois is engaged to a man and has a child (more on this later) She is winning a Pulitzer Prize for a story about "Why the Word does Not Need Superman" but she still loves him.. i think that the kiss in superman 2 only made her forget his secret idendity..

Lex creates the land to start using a sheath of Kryptonight (he knows the crystals will take on the properties of Kryptonight and make it hard for superman to come to the island)

When Lois Lane and her sone Jason is held by Lex, her son ... pushes a piano at a immense speed and kills a man...

Superman nearly Dies in this movie but is saved by Lois Lane.. and then takes the "island" up into space and one assumes in time he will recover the crystals (or does not need them specifically) but the effort brings him close to death..... he falls back to the earth.. and is taken to the hospital (women if you like this new supermand you will love him barechested) and he is there in a coma... healing or near death one assumes..

Lois comes in to see him... and tells him i assume ... that Jason is his son...

He does not wake up immeditaly.. but... he does.. and gets dressed and flys off..

Later on he Visits the Lane household, and sees JAson asleep in bed and talks to him.... then leaves..

Its a really good movie.. but.. i think that Superman and Lois need to get back together... but to include another two people.. Richard White (who Lois was engaged to) And Clark Kent..

Why do i think this? because it gives more stability to a household.. Jason will need a Father Figure that can help him with his powers...

Richard can give Lois the Emotional support when Clark/Superman is out saving the world.. and might be able to keep her in a safer place and out of danger....

Ta Ta.. off to work now

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