My Tubes are Full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. I am pissed.. it seems that ever yars abouts i have to deal with comcast and spend about three weeks helping them fix THERE system...

First time was when i was in a Travel Trailer and there was a cable that was cooling at night and shrinking just enough to make my router loose signal all night

Second time there was a amplifyer where i live (at the apt complex) that was just not working right and was kicking me off at night

Third time (last year) there was a node in my area that was dieing and i was loosing connection from there (all itnernet connection was pinging out at that location) and i ran "ping plotter" for a week and each time it lost signal it was at that point.. and it took calling in for weeks to get this fixed

Now.. i am bing kicked off OFTEN for a unknown reason.. its not the cable modem.. its not the wireing in the apt.. its another system of theres breaking down because they refuse to maintain or refuse to belive that one person can tell them that there is a major problem....

I am keeping a log for the times that i am infront of my comptuer and it goes down.. and i will attempt to build from a irc chat log the other times

and i will be refunded IMHO for each outage

Edit: Someone might ask how it is that i can access the blog while my computers offline.. well.. it has to do witht the fact the computer my blog is attached to is right next to me :( so i hae local access but thats it!

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