Busy week? (what happened at work)

Well.. i have been a bit busy the past week...

* As you can tell or not Comcast Found the problem pretty quickly (Man i was Building up such a rant )

* On Friday I had Two interesting things happen. (as you may or may not know I work at Walmart in the Sporting Goods department (I get to play with Guns)
*I had a Guy come in about 7ish wanting to Buy Two Guns....
Well thats ok but there is a problem... I have a bad sense of smell. So therefore when he got close i gave him a sniff. And I THOUGHT he smelled of Alcohol.

So i have him start the form looking for someone that could act as a second nose.

Then when he finishes his Address portion of the Form i notice its not the same as on his license and tell him he has to bring in some paperwork/bills(from the current adddress) to prove he lives there

* Well After he left i went over to Automotive where Veronica And Bradely (he works in Hardware) to ask Bradely to come over later if needed to be a second nose.

While we were talking a 10-11 Year old Black Boy starts to walk out the Door in Automotive. Thats ok... Except the Alarm Goes off. So I imeditally figure someone forgot to deactivate a item, and I walk over there to ask to see his recipt.

He keeps walking out to the walkway outside and keeps going.. I Yell (or speak loudly) that "I need to see your receipt." He responds with "I have a receipt."

Then he starts to RUN and I chase after him, stopping him in the middle of the parking lot. I got a chance to see his recipt as he starts to back away and I see.... A receipt for a OIL CHANGE.

The Boy starts to run and Gean (the manager of TLE/Automotive) follows him since he saw what was going on.

The Kid eventually got into a white van. But he did not get the $300 computer and $30 DVD player that he tried to leave with.

I later found out that he is part of a ring that goes to stores and steals. He has two related family members telling him what to do.


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