Workplace Romances?

Ok.... this is Sorta Troubleing and Sorta Flattering...

I am in TROUBLE!
To Name the players here. Me, Robbie (a black woman I work with, who is about 15+ years older then me)

It started shortly after Robbie was hired.. She works in matienance at wallyworld. (cleaning up spills and messes)

As best as I can remember it started when I was joking around with Robbie one day and she told me to "hush luke".

She kept saying that often so I got her back oneday... and spoke loudly "SHUT UP ROBBIE"... now this was a joke and she knew it...

It continues to this day.. one of us will see each other and say "SHUT UP LUKE/ROBBIE"

We even got Sidney up at the service desk and Heather in infants doing it some.. (its funny when I walked by heather one day and we kept telling each other to shutup and customers realized after the 4th or 5th trading of barbs the joke)

Then recently in the last 2 months or so Robbie threatened to "spank me" and i shoved my but out for her to slap.. It took a few re-visits to this but she eventually did...

After a while she started saying that she was going to "tie you up by the ceiling and whup you and let everyone see everything dangeling"
(thats pretty close to accurate)

After A while I started replying with the truth... "There aint much to dangle down there Robbie"

Now she still slaps my ass ever now and then and still threatnes me with a public humiliation :)

I consider it a game.. Flirting.. And it seems I don't ever see the Flirting that some women give back to me..... (thats what she tells me)

Today though was diffrent.. we had our usual barbs and a spanking.. and the topic about sex came up.. she asked if I was a virgin and I replied no.. (I have not been one since I was 18)

Now, i mentioned my weight my computer habits and honestly things don't work exactly right with my body. (I hinted at this but... lets leave it at that)

I want to clarify something here.. I like sex.. its so fun.. but a partner.. a girlfriend.. I can't do.. I just feel its too much.. it would take away my scedual that i have (maybe that will be a good thing.. I don't know) But since i started working for walmart... I have not been interested in having much sex with a partner..

Its weird..............

Now after we left I walked by Robbie chatting with Julie from Layaway.... And things started talking again.. and Robbie said something in the order of "taking me to a motel and fucking my brains out"

I am FLATTERED... but.. i decline here.. I told her "Half of me wants to take up your offer the other half says I should not"

I don't know if i am frustrating this woman and should take her offer truely.. or....

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