Runescape Halloween 2006

Costume Skelly.png
Costume Skelly + pumpkin.png

Well these are the rewards for the new Halloween holiday event in Runescape.

I think they are both very good. The first one is a reward for dismissing all the ghosts, you get a full skeleton outfit.

And you get the pumpkin head for cutting some roots from the EVIL TREE!!!

I believe that the holiday events while good.. need some fixing.. why?
For one say my best friend wants to play runescape and gets into he game.. He will never have a Rubber chicken or easter ring or bunny ears.. He will never have a scythe or zombie head. He will never have a yo-yo or winter clothing and marionette.

I say that there needs to be a rule.. during the holiday if the items 3+ years old, then you can gain it via a miniquest or something to justify a quest to get it.

This way more people would get to like the game.

Also there was a new postbags from the hedge.. i think i have some ideas for what the chaos elemental is saying.

>Dress up big like a flappy bird, happy bird
>Hunter strong when the ferrets herd, heretic’s word
>Flappy high with twelve willow branches, brillo lunches
>Bandos down with hail of punches, pail of hunches

I think this is talking about the flappy birds in the troll area and we will get a new quest to deal with them?

>Impy sheep new and shiny, sew and ninely
>Curator taught but the kids are whiny, wilds not kindly
>Izso easy to make troll king shiver, shoal thing river
>Pick it up with the undead quiver, quintet liver

This might be a continuation of the prior.. or talking about the imps and sheeps getting new graphics?

>Sing the song for shantay claws, clumpy gores
>Seasons pass for animal lores, magical chores
>Penguin eyes are low and evil, crunchy weevil
>Brutal way for shark retrieval, rather medieval

This one says i think something about the lunar moon island and the penguins that might habit near there.

And a new shark fishing method. thats a recovery of old tech?

It might involve traveling to the desert area?

>Trawl along the ancient bed, sucker’s head
>Dwarf and scorp are almost dead... Almost dead.

Might have something to do with the dwarf city? trawling there rivers?

ahh well i am going to bed.. its late

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