Last nights dream

Last night i had a very weird dream.

well.. what happened is this.. weird dream...

i am on pern... (but not the pern i know directly) and i meet with someone that says there immortal.. now in this story i am as well.. but i am a dimensional hopper and i try to figure out how they did it..

now on this world it seems that the game i know as runescape has some reality.. the person mentions the spell only uses mind runes (which is a low level deal) and that they were new when they did it..

i talk to a law enforcer about these people, and mention how old they MIGHT be.. and get myself in a situation with them.. they come after me and surround me..

turns out there telepath's and can read my mind, (i believe that what they could see was a "second personality" designed to hide my real mind) and they overwhelm my mind and body while i try to initiate a dimensional jump to escape..

i wake up and it seems they have tried to do some mental programing.. and they have slashed my neck all the way around except for my adams apple leaving bandages on there..

the programing they gave me was supposed to get me addicted to computer games so that i wont do anything else.. the game was BB or battlefield something (can't remember the name offhand anymore)

I remember thinking i could use the computer somehow to send a message and get help.. so i ask my "mistress" if i can play the computer...

it seems that the person was running some variant of windows 3.11 or so.. cause it looked just like it.. or windows nt version 4 i think..

anyways.. i remember seeing a shit ton of henti sites in the firefox browser.

I remember looking up and there was a second monitor but i could barely speak and just croaked.

after that i woke up..

weird dreams i am having.. right :)

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