I feel i need to blog about this.. the RIAA and MPAA and there tactics.. this is a direct quote from myself from a entry on the DIGG website
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I am sorry man you were in my friends list but not your gone.. why? The stupid comments you making..

One The RIAA has no reason to exist except to protect the company.. not the artists...
Two The tactics they use even if they have been "legal" are dirty... so dirty it makes SONY'S ROOT KIT look clean.

Three.. I just don't agree that trading online in piracy..... Its a diffrent age... In my early days I remember making MIX tapes of songs i wanted to listen to often... Under the RIAA thats wrong..
I remember given some of those tapes to friends..

Under the RIAA is wrong for me to make ANY copies for ANY reason.

Yes the net lets me share with untold millions without care who they are.. but i am still telling them hey.. "i liked this music and i think you would as well" by sharing it.

What the RIAA was MADE TO DO, was deal with those that make copies and SELL THEM ILLEGALLY... the SAME with the MPAA.. NOT THE CONSUMER!

Why do I think that the RIAA and MPAA should not care about me and you sharing... because in the end we help sales.. we show others good music.

In the end those that make illegal copies and SELL THEM are hurting the ARTISTS by selling a copy to someone who IS WILLING TO BUY A COPY.

Its just easier to get 4k from a housewife/family then it is to make ANY money shutting down a illegal record distributor in ANY country.

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