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A minor freak out which leads to a choice made

So today I was on my priest Elizara who is a worgen on the alliance side, and was trying to do the shield wall daily quests when I again kept getting killed by the horde side players. I got to the point I felt like destroying something to vent my rage.

I personally hate that I am on a PVP server and wont attack others. There is no revenge to be gotten from attacking them, nor any satisfaction.

I don't attack others.. and have even helped others kill things when I am on horde or alliance and really feel its wrong in Warcraft to kill others that are not being aggressive to you.
It was two rogues, they killed me a couple times and a pally another.. and i just cracked.. I am not in this game.. paying my money to be some kids entertainment. If they want to feel all big and strong and be a bully they should grow up.

I will say if I had my way the servers would be a strict PVE setting and the world PVP options would have to be manually turned on.

I love the game but feel that the old idea of people PVPing in southshore and tarran mill is gone, it died a long time ago. Now world pvp is just harassment and causing others grief and should be turned off by default.

So I am moving my character on alliance side to Earthen Ring in a short bit, a day or so while i arrange to move things.
And I plan once my new schedule starts to move all my characters slowly into the AIE Guild for my horde characters.

I feel like I am giving up some, but some parts of me know I can't change what is needed to make me happy so I am moving to allow me ot enjoy the game more.

I do plan to stay playing with harthok and Naralina ( @Druidelight and @varsalis ) and they know i have not been happy with how things have been going.

I don't know what will happen but I plan to relax and enjoy playing the game again.

2013 goal plans and whats been going on!

Well 2013 has started off interesting at work. We have a shift bid and i got a decent number i am sad to say the call center i am working at is closing a hour earlier then before.. I really like the night shift but am starting to realize i need to change my life a bit and I am starting to look at sleeping differently to be able to do more.

I still am on twitter and had found this picture there.. i just find it silly :)

I need to see about a twitter plugin for here still..

In terms of World of Warcraft I have started doing a community deal called #TeamTwitterRaid with @shamanRongar


Last Week we did 10 man Throne of Four Winds.. and downed the main boss in 1 min 32 seconds.. barely enough time for a lust to be used!!!
I had been worried there was alot of mechanics.. we never encountered them!

tardis deloran

HEHE Nice combo of a time machine!
I am still watching Doctor Who whenever it comes on and I don't care about spoilers Mr Song/Pong/Doctor!!! I will tweet them to my hearts content!!!!

Twenty-nine of history’s most iconic scientists in one photograph – now in color!

I thought this was interesting to see what these guys looked like in real life.. its.. normal.. they are you and me. Means anyone can learn more about the universe if they want!


I am still a AVID/Crazy fan of Scott Johnson's The Instance podcast and his drawing he does!!! MEH!!!


Sadly i feel like this some days.. its going crazy and ahhhhhh!
Feel like it right now cause i have to go to bed.. short post again still wanting to get back into doing it often but failing horribly!!