Daily Archives: November 11, 2012

Mourning for dead headwear.

So one of my accessories are used for my computer to play World of Warcraft is the N52 TE.

Today I'm out doing my dailies, and I find I can't move or I can't turn to the right I'm like oh my getting stunned by the mob. I Finish up limping along, And after I'm done I literally take the keypad apart off of the device and find it a little Magnate has fallen apart worn-out after about two years of use/abuse.

So I tried to put it back together a little bit hot glue did nothing when secured properly.

But I had a spare so I put that in place like emergency backup!!

So I've emailed asite to see if I can get a replacement part for it. Its Very small and I wouldn't expect and cost more than a few dollars but it's cheaper to pay a few dollars for those the get a whole new device.

So I am also looking for other keyboard add-ons that people can use that work good for playing wow and such any advice?