Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Stitches out and whats been going on.

Well its been a little over two weeks since my last post.

And I wanted to fill people in on whats been going on. Honestly depending on how you look at it, either nothing at all or alot.

I got my stitches out over a week ago ( Trying out the "gallery" option so pics of my stomach before and after should be posted )

That was fun to do, *NOT*. It was not bad but not fun, The doc pulled the stitches up and that caused some minor pain/discomfort and snipped them. Sometimes he had to cut some flesh that had grown over.

The doc told me to hold off driving for another week because of the risk of damage if i was in a wreck. He also was concerned that if i was having pain/discomfort that those could be a distraction from the driving and cause a wreck.

I personally have had no pain really and am sleeping on my side very easily now.

Wedsday last week I got a call from my sister, that my mother had a small medical issue while working. We found out she was ok and released a few hours later.
So my sister told me she planned to head up to KY to see my mom and Help her some. I decided to also go with her and offer some moral support.
I was ok to drive at this point and I was a bit concerned about getting tired driving, luckily it was all good.

My moms place is a old old place built int he 50's and added on piece by piece. It has no central heating and she uses space heaters and radiators. One bad thing about this is sometimes she pops her breakers too easily, she can't run the microwave and the heaters at the same time. Sadly the house is too leaky and the radiators were not able to work properly because they can't built up heat at all.
I went ahead and got her a space heater that worked wonderfully better then the radiator she was using but that night the main room got down to 60. I sadly suffered because I had picked the recliner to sleep on giving my mom and sister the beds, plus I am still a night owl.

We went out to a restaurant Friday night and it had a Fondue pot/chocolate fountain and cotton candy.
I and my niece had a stick of cotton candy and some things dipped in the fondue.

When we got home we made a small fire outside, me and my niece roasted a few marshmallows.
She slept on the couch in my moms fuzzy super warm robe and she was snug as a bug in a rug.

The next day we started the fire again and roast some more, but the smoke drove us to stop.

After we had packed back up and said our goodbyes we headed home but got stopped on I 65, we were parked!
A semi had hit a barrier and had stopped traffic a bit earlier, so it was not too bad just not fun.

We got home safe and sound.

So other then that excitement its been quiet and i have just been playing WOW and such.