Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee beep beep

Well folks I am alive. Its been nearly two years since I posted here.

Alots happened not all the best not all the worst.

I got into Warcraft heavy and did not have many friends online.

I was in a bdsm related guild called "To serve or be served" and got a pally tank (Mementh) to lvl 80 on the shadow council relm. While the people were nice ( hey Sasha / Katie ) I did not feel like I fit in.

Sasha moved a bunch of her characters to bloodscalp to help a friend and I moved my pally and lvl 45 Druid.

A few month or so after the guild split up and I left my friend sasha.

I did not level my pally as tank to start but as a retribution pally. But I wanted to tank! And it took a long time to get good without a mentor.

The problems I had was that I am a person up at nights and most raiding happened when I was at work. So I was shit outta luck.

I got my Druid (KellyCarter) to lvl 80 and started running hard on heroics as a tank.

The guilds I was in though did not want me as a tank and I was made to be a boomkin. A friend of mine Robert ( from wow of course ) got into a guild called "Destination unkown" which I stayed in for about 7 months. I helped out the guild leader some by buying game time and felt I was not a real member.

Even in that guild the raid leaders did not want a bear tank. So I was forced to be a boomkin for a long time and never really liking it.

I eventually stopped going to guild raids. I could make only the continuations to the 25 mans and could not make the 10 mans at all.

I stayed in DU but started Other characters. A Mage and a hunter ( both to fill a need to do something).

The Mage nysshashardik and hunter wishshardik were fun though I only keep the Mage around for alchemy and tailoring. Wish I do play more and was inspired by tribunalxhunter to make her.

I started running a 10 man on my offdays but never got too far sadly because people would be alts or pugged in.

I did start running a GDKP for the raid "Trial of the Crusader" and got better at raid leading some.

Then at work I saw someone on there break on laptop... Playing wow and became friends with Nathan.

I hopped servers after a long time of talking to him... to the oceanic server tharussian. And within a month downed the Lich King!

I now play when I get home and enjoy the guild "Replica" because it's more active when I play.

I still run the toc and now a semi-successful "Ice Crown Citadel" GDKP runs on my weekends but I raid every night group 1 does as the offtank!

Well that's all the gaming news in brief since I last posted.