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Done updating?

Well I finshed the MAJOR updates to the articles in the past....
It considered of removing
![CDATA[ and ]] from the beginning and end of each post (and if a post did not have the second part it messed up wordpress )

Also changing every
to a carriage return

Also for all the imaged i had to remove all of these
a href="javascript:openpopup('',800,600,false);"

Now to fix the commas that got messed up (i may leave it for a while)

I am looking for a BBcode addon that will let me use BBcode (used on forums i visit) in posts (edit: Found and installed)

What next? Posting my 99 Cooking lvl party. (will do this in a bit)

New Blog Engine (wordpress)

Well I am Moving to a new blog engine, WordPress, All my Prior Posts will be moved over (SImple PHP Blog does not have easy options to import)

So I will be Busy working on the new posts as I go along. (updating oldest post to newest)

99 Cooking Party in 32 Minutes :)

99 cooking party plan

Well it's been less then a month since I got my 99 fishing cape and I am holding off for a party to get my lvl 99 Cooking Cape.
I am planning the same time as last 1800 hours (-6gmt) on Thursday the 29th.
Link to Lvl 99 Cooking Countdown

I am not sure where.. I can't think of any good places offhand.. (suggestions demanded) (one was the KBD den which could happen but would have to be with a DEAD KBD for the pics)

Probably have a beach party and get drunk with a campfire :).

I have not been lazy, though i admit i did enjoy a drink on the beach south of Port Sarim near Mudskippers point.

Well first things first, I got a new outfit.



Not much has changed cept i now carry a Dragon Axe and Bug lamp, along with Tieving Gloves and Full Lumberjack (took about 2.5 hours to get)

I have worked on my questing, though i enjoy not having to do it to maintain a cape.

I Killed the Dill, and I got some Dough, and go to see a weird play

I wonder how many people like killing with the Flail (new goal get 500 kills)

I also bought a Rune cane (thought i would splurge) And it took forever to finally purchase

I have not been lack, I got 90 fletching and 91 magic

Went from 72 construction to 74.

Summoned lvevel 53-55

I was Cooking with GAS (supplied by the Oger Swamp Gas Inc)

Not much more to talk about cept the party.. More info tommorow I hope since I am dead tired and am heading to bed

Day After the Party!!!!!

Well folks after sleeping off last nights party, I found a new edition of the Runescape Fishing Guild Times today on my Doorstep. And it was about me!!!!

Well Folks, the day has come, Mementh The Savior of the Fishing Guild (see previous articles) had his party yesterday and recived his level 99 Fishing Cape.

This reporter was on scene taking photographs and recording what went on. (video at bottom of article)

At first we saw Barihawk Show up then Unklqb and Mercifull Finally ArcticRunite.

There was some jovial fun about the location and some joking around between the old friends

Then after everyone lined up for photographs, we had the most anticipated level in the Fishing Guild Times since "Tks" got her level back in January of 2002 (note the Runescape Fishing Guild Times was not established till Febuary 27th 2002)

Congratulatory messages shown in sequence here.

From the crowd of onlookers and the Staff here, we award ArcticRunite with the best Level up message ever.

Then the Party Moved to Mementh's home where much fun was had by all, (Reporters note: Unklqb did not eat all the horderves, the demon downstairs did)

While this was going on the Runescape Tip.IT chatroom had this to say about Mementh's Level

After a quick Run Though Memenths Dungeon a FIGHT broke out in his combat ring.

Though peace was restored with a Beer Run,

Though someone did not realize Mementh's Hatred for monkfish was still in effect.

After a Few kegs and some Toasts

Sorry Suzi, your Mercifull got drunk.

Then Mementh Mercifull and Unlkqb went to help Mementh Approach the Fishing Guild Master While he was Drunk so he could buy a Fishing Cape.

Mercifull's comment while accurate was said from a drunken Stupor.

And Finally We see Mementh Giving the shark that got him a lvl 99 to a Friend