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New Sig Part 2

Well I have passed a Milestone the other day, 1 million exp till 99.

I currently stand at 861,866 exp till 99 fishing :)

I thought I would show off some more of the new sig process, but first some of the sigs I have made though the years.

Most of these has some humor (I hope).

This one comes from a Random time I say hi to blackbane (notorious for only picking cabbages in F2P and doing nothing else.

I thought this was just funny on how he picked up on it and ran with the joke with me.

This one comes from the elemental workshop. If you tried to use it without a primed bar this was the result you got.
Though they have changed this to just hurt HP (it did this before) the wild animation is gone :(

This is one of my best attempts at humor and it involves that rapscallion blackbane again :) This one is nearly a YEAR afterwords and he still went along with the joke so easily :)

Another joke one, this time perpetrated by our on Newbiei. During the Quest with Cyrus you get to access his bank, and he is rich and I thought it would be funny.

Now onto the desert of this post,

I got this pic as a alternate picture, Honestly I did not like it, I was looking for a "house on the sea" type of deal

So i added in a rough sketch and sent it back :)

And as you can tell I liked it, and he went on putting my face/body into the signaure.

More when i get to 700k (i plan to give a update now every time i get another 100k down)

New Sig Part 1

Well its been a few days and i promised a few people in the clan chat i am in that i would post my newest signature,

Well I plan on posting it, but i wanted to build some suspense? (also to post more and talk more)

First some of my old signatures that I had done,

This one was when I got 85 Smithing :)

It was done by The_Jeppoz from :)
It was done back in the day where we had smaller signature sizes :(
I still don't like the look of the rune helm, it just feels wrong for the game (too demonic).
You can see the dragon ammys in the background and bench because I still am a major crafter :)
He did get my face spot on though:)

This one was done when I got 85 Mining last year :)

I like this one, open pit, sorta like the wild rock but not in wild :)
I don't mine rune much, it is too difficult and requires too much hopping.. its very solitary, but I will try every now and then :)
The outfit i am wearing is still pretty much the same, dragon boots now though :)

This one i made as a joke wearing my "outfit"

I usually wear a Stripy Pirate shirt (blue) and leggings from the pirate area :)
A Strung Rabbits foot
Ring of Charos (a)
Rune Satchel
Pirate hat with eye patch.
Crabclaw Hook, I like this, people notice the bright orange red claw but never the hook :(
And last but not least Flippers form the Moger area

This was a day or so ago when I had 10.3k sharks to fish till 99

I just thought the responce from thrawn Jl and IMjosh was funny :)

For my new signature my idea was pretty simple, me out on a dock with a home/shelter in the background, wearing my "uniform"

and here is the first rough draft he gave me.

which was ok.. for a start :) I will post more in a day or so for this :)

Now for the levels :) I have gotten since last post

98 FISHING!!!!!

Unklqb my friend from work and Nussre came to celebrate (nursse would not dance with us)

41 Summoning & 42

both of these were lvled via experiance books from school and genies

Got the new quest and Stronghold done :)

I like the idea of the super fishing potions and the new gloves/emote :)

though I wish they would not have crowded the area so much.. but i guess they want everything nearby :)