Daily Archives: October 28, 2007

Moved in

non blog update:
I have moved into my new apartment.. its been fun.. (ugh)

I have been moving and being lazy about it.. but everything is gone from the old apt..

i got a new computer desk which is a L shape.. and i am still working out how EVERYTHING will fit on it...

only major issue i have had is getting sub $100 speakers (some speakers broke and i needed to replace)

And the cardboard.. (should i just put it all out by the street? or what? Pickup is not till Thursday)

The ferrets have moved in good.. not sure if i will let them just run around ... maybe in the bathroom.. (worried about them pissing/scatting where i wont be able to clean up)

I don't have a bed yet.. I hope that will change soon... but everything is coming in good

All the dishes and fridge stuff is moved.